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Self Sabotage


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So yeah..

There is this woman that I have been attracted to for some time now which is a friend of my aunt and cousin. Well she was hanging out with them for the weekend and messaged me out of nowhere just being friendly. I really didn't know what to say, my head flooded with anxieties of her deserving better and the fact that I talked in an hour to her more than I have with my family in the past 6 months kind of bothered me too. So I was kind of short with my answers and the conversation ended.. The nest morning she messaged me again.. with same outcome and again later that night. Basically it ended in.."Well I guess I stop bothering you now.". I really like this girl but we are from very different worlds and the guilt of being distant from my family kind of makes things weird as well. I want to pursue her and Im almost positive she wasn't just contacting me for no reason..

How can I salvage this situation and stop feeling so worthless and unlovable?

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