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I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years. She is 17 and I am 18. We live at different ends of the UK - a distance of nearly 300 miles is involved. Neither of us have the available time or money to see each other much more than once every two months.


I do all I can to try and be a good boyfriend. We speak on the phone nearly every day, often for over an hour. We communicate via text messages and internet chat. I always send presents for special occaisions and sometimes just ones to say "I love you" .. but I feel like I should be doing more.


I feel like we should be able to do things together, like we were dating... but the distance seems to make it impossible. It's not that I'm scared of losing her.. it's that she's such a special person and I want to do all I can to make her happy, and I just feel like I should be doing more.


Does anyone have any advice? Suggestions? Please reply to me on the board or contact me at paddy@lazydude.co.uk

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This might be a little too late.. but I noticed no one ever wrote you a reply, and I'm going through the same situation. Believe me I think I should be doing so much more than what I am doing for my so called boyfriend, but I've learned theres only so much we can do. Over time I've realized that if the person loves you, in this case your girlfriend, it doesn't matter if you do something more, or not.. they'll love you either way.


I actually brought this up with my "boyfriend" and since we live over 200 miles a part, I told him he deserved more than what i could give him. He told me not to worry that I was doing just fine, without doing anything, and that my love for him was enough. Youre actually lucky compared to me. I never get to see my boyfriend, not even once every two months. There will be a day if y'all are suppose to be together when you can do so much more than you'll doing, and hopefully that day will come more sooner than later. I just think you need to keep doing as youre doing and live everyday just how youve been living it. I mean after all y'all are together so you can't be doing that bad right?


I hope things work out!


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