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Feeling awkward


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My boyfriend of 5 years and father of our 2 year old, the past couple of weeks he's been going out with friends and not telling me much about what happens. It worried me because I know one of his coworkers has been eyeing him but he kept telling me nothing is happening. Then a few days ago he leaves without saying anything to me and doesn't return my calls. When he got home he tells me that for the past couple of days he hasn't felt anything for me and then he broke up with me. I start to cry and so does he. He kept saying it isn't my fault but I kept feeling like it was. I call his mom and we all have a talk but he still decides to leave.


About an hour later his mom calls me saying he's on his way back. When he does get home he apologizes and tells me he still loves me and that he quit his job he tells me he was trying to be someone he's not and he realized that leaving us would be his biggest mistake.


We're still young he's 21 and I'm 20 so being young working parents we don't go out much and haven't dated other people since we've been together. I understand he wanted to go out and have fun with friends but I haven't got the chance since I gave birth but he got to go out all the time.


A few days has passed and things are a bit awkward for me. He says he loves me and he acts the same as before but I can't help but keep thinking if he does really love me. And now I'm more cautious about what I say or do and I feel like I should start dressing myself up at home. I'm in love with him and don't want to lose him. How do I know if he really does love me? Can things go back to the way they were? I just want him to love me

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I haven't got the chance since I gave birth but he got to go out all the time.


Why this double standard? Is there a reason you haven't gotten a night out with friends?


I think the reason things are awkward is because he was going to leave you and your child, and now he's acting like nothing happened. Presumably all the feelings which caused him to break up with you in the first place are still there - they didn't magically disappear. And he hasn't explained himself adequately to you, so you are probably feeling like why should you believe he'll stay now?

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