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Love letter to yourself

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[video=youtube;ojUrs28LeGM] ]


I think when you're going through a break up (no matter the circumstances) you tend to forget your self worth.. you forget how great you really are and all you can really focus on is the mistakes you made and why you were possibly not good enough. I came accross this video and it made me very emotional, but also made me realise that I need to start reminding myself of how wonderful I really am, yes I've made some mistakes in my life but that's part of how you grow as person.

So instead of constantly focusing on the ex, and how they feel, if they want you back, if they're thinking about you, if they still love you, I think we should all focus on the reasons why we should love ourselves. It would be great if people were up for writing their love letters in here, but if you're not comfortable with that then please even just do it privately.. I think everyone could do with a bit more self love.


(I'll write mine later, it's stupid o'clock in Ireland and I have to try get some sleep!!)

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Dear (Myself),


I find you pretty amazing and strong. You are mentally strong and know how to control your emotions pretty well. You are really empathetic and know how to see many things in different angles. I really like that about you.

You went through many unfortunate events in life. I think your life story is worth writing down on a diary. The story of your life is really fun because you make your life interesting and fulfilling as much as possible.

You had to break up with someone you deeply loved for a long time. I know, it really really hurts but you still stay strong. I'm actually proud of you. Keep moving on like you are doing right now! Exercise, play your guitar, travel to new places, and try something completely new!

Better things are ahead of you, I promise.

You are becoming a better person every day and working hard to do the best you can.

You made bad mistakes and some wrong paths in life, but I think you are doing well now. Just remember that as long as you are alive, you can still move on.

I love you. Don't you ever tell yourself that you're worthless.

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God I've only just realised I never actually wrote my letter in here, so here goes...


Dear Me,

I think right now is probably a very necessary time to write you this letter. I have been incredibly hard on you recently, only really thinking about everything you're doing wrong and not thinking about all the stuff that is so great about you. I know because of all this negativity you have been quite sad recently so I just want to let you know that you truly are a great person. You're so kind and considerate of other people, always so aware and concerned about their happiness. You may not be the most academically intelligent person around but you have such wonderful emotional intelligence and I think that's why so many people feel like they can come and speak to you about their problems. You never want anyone to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in a situation and you always make sure you're smiling so that they (hopefully) feel more relaxed. I have always admired this about you, and I always will. You've had a very tough year, but my god have you made it through the other end with grace and all the problems you've faced have only made you stronger! I know you're feeling lonely and very unconfident at the moment but you need to remember that you are beautiful inside and out and you should NOT settle for just anyone who will gives you any slight bit of attention because you deserve the best! I think what I'm the proudest of you about is that throughout all the stuff you have been through recently you have never given up on your nursing degree (even when you really wanted to) and you're now coming to the end of your internship, and you're a bloody good nurse!!! You're fantastic, why dont I say that to you more?! I need to stop being so hard on you, you dont deserve it, you're doing your very best! I love you and I'm so proud of you x

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