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So I could really use some advice in this situation. And I will try to keep this as short as possible, so you all will not be bored.


There is this girl I have worked with for four months now. A couple months after she had started working and we became good friends, I started to develop some feelings for her. But I kept it a secret since she had a serious boyfriend who lived a couple of hours away. But after a couple of weeks of keeping my feelings inside, I couldn't keep it in any longer and had to tell her how I felt. I got advice from my coworkers (three to be exact) and they all told me that I shouldn't because she had a boyfriend. But I decided to because I didn't want to live my life with the "what if". So I told her how I felt and she really didn't say anything other than, "If things were a different situation...."


So anyways, a week or so past after I told her how I felt and she tells me that she has feelings for me as well. At this point I was trying to move on from her, but after she told me this, all of my feelings for her came back.


Even though we knew this was a bad decision, we started to hang out after work. And every time we hung out, we had the best time. Even if we weren't doing anything. Just being with each other made us happy. On our second "date" after talking about how if we just hang out as friends, we would be fine, she decided to kiss me that night. I didn't know how I should feel, being in the situation that she was in. But we hung out and next night and I kissed her.


Then on new years eve, she drove down to where her boyfriend lives and she decided to break up with him. And she told me that 90% of the reason why she broke up with him was because of me.


But a week or so after that, she decided to try to work things out with her boyfriend. I was devastated only because I felt she was leading me on by saying to me that she loved me and that in the end everything will work out.


Next week, she is moving to be closer with her boyfriend (was the plan for last month or so) and things between us have been really awkward. Since we work in a retail store, we see each other a lot when we work together. The first day after she told me she was getting back together with her boyfriend, she was acting like a "" towards me because she said its easier to get over or give up on someone you dislike. So we have rarely talked after this. And its more awkward because we both have the same friends at work. What she doesn't know is that those friends were the people I had gotten advice from and know everything about the situation. And she's act


Soooo finally to my question, I only work with her two more times before she leaves. And I work with her on her very last day. But do I even say bye to her? Do I give her a hug? I still do have some feelings for her and it hurts me every time I see her. Do I write her a note saying bye? I'm just confused to as what I should do. Any advice would be grateful.

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