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Losing stomach fat


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Im pretty desperately trying to lose the above.


Im about 5'11 and weighing about 12 stone. The correct weight for my height I believe.


Im a trim guy, not fat in the face, bum legs etc, and looking to tone my arms and chest, although I wouldnt say they are fat either.


I eat healthy-ish, fruit,veg and water every single day without fail, I do most days have 1 can of coke to go along with my sandwiches at lunch.


Every other day I might have a treat say a chocolate bar, crips or few biscuits etc, but not loads.


I play an intense game of football once a week and do cardio work on top of that 2/3 days a week also for about 30 mins each.


Problem is I have a fat belly when im relaxed, when walking you wouldnt look at me and say im fat, but side on, relaxed my belly sticks out, when i sit down I have rolls of fat, they look disgusting and like it isnt a part of my body.


Ive tried doing countless situps but they never show any progress.


I havent drunk alcohol since christmas but even so when i do drink it would only be a couple of pints on a saturday.


Any suggestions on what I can do or where im goign wrong would be great.



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Get rid of the Coke, stop drinking alcohol. Drink water.


Stop eating grains and any food with wheat in it: bread, pasta, etc. Eat green leafy vegetables and protein.


How is your sleep? Are you sleeping deeply for at least 7-8 hours/night? Fat burning takes place about 24-48 hours after exercise when the body is in deep delta sleep when the growth hormone is released.


Anytime you consume foods with sugar in it, it puts stress on the pancreas and in turn, stress causes the adrenal glands to pump out oceans of cortisol, which deposits visceral fat around your middle. The consumption of sugar puts the body out of fat burning mode for 3 days.


look up these videos on youtube:

1. Wheat Belly

2. Dr. Eric Berg

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I will second what kendahke said about at least cutting down on grains and wheat (cutting them out completely was unrealistic for me, personally, but I eat far fewer servings now and still notice a difference in my body's fat composition, energy levels and digestion). Overall, focus on finding healthy sources of fat and protein, eating lots of leafy greens and veggies and avoiding carbs and sugar.


Also, definitely knock out the coke at lunch time. It's pure sugar and after an initial high will only make you lethargic, which might deter you from going out and getting more exercise in the afternoon.


It's great that you're doing cardio so keep doing that. I don't know what type of cardio you are doing, but make sure that yo are mixing it up with different types and varying your intensity levels (i.e. a couple of easy days, a couple of challenging days, interval days, etc.). It's probably also time to start upping the days of exercise from 2/3 to 4/5. Rest days are important but you really should be trying to get some form of exercise (even if it's just walking) six days a week. It's also probably time to start adding some strength training to your routine. It doesn't have to be anything crazy - there are plenty of exercises you can do just using your own body weight (i.e. push ups, planks, squats, etc.) Cardio will help burn fat, but you need at least light strength training to get that toned look that you are looking for.


Also, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, keep the alcohol to a minimum, etc, and you'll be on your way!

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Start lifting. It burns the most calories during the day.


Eat a lot of protein.,


Target 1 muscle group per week. For example.


Day 1. chest and triceps

Day 2. shoulders and back

Day 3. Legs and Abs.

Day 4 biceps and you can mix in Cardio.


Get plenty of rest.


Alcohol lowers testosterone. Stay away.

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Thanks for your advice everyone, just a few questions.


Can 1 can of coke really do that to you? how about cutting down to say 2 a week? or what about diet coke?


I thought wheat and fibre are good for you? help digestion?


I get between 7-8 hours of sleep without fail every day.


My exercise routine is as follows:

Monday-wed-fri is the 100 pushup challenge

Sunday-tues-Thurs - Insanity/cardio - I know youre meant to do insanity everyday but i only really have time for every other.

Monday - Football/soccer.


Alcohol - I never drink in the week, a saturday night is the only night and id say that is every other weekend. Thats not enough to stop results?


Doesnt protein put weight on? what about these protein shakes that ive seen bulk up users.

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protein helps you lose weight because it builds muscles.


You don't need to take protein shakes but it does help.


chicken breast for example is good source of protein


You like doing push ups. How about doing 1 push up set but 4 reps.


1st rep 30 push ups.

2nd rep 40 push ups.

3rd rep 50 push ups.

4th rep 60 reps.


Make is less push ups if that helps. Always push yourself.


Make it less like starting at 1st 15 and next 20 reps if that helps.

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so protein shakes, even though they say on them they bulk you, actually make you lose weight? I dont understand that. Arent they packed with whey and wheat too?


Im currently doing the 100 press up challenge so once completed hopefully I can work to something as you suggest. what about free weights too?


I appreciate all the advice, but im pretty toned up top already, it is literally just this chubby belly that needs shifting.

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Fiber is good for your digestion but you are better off getting it from sources like fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Just Google "high fiber foods" and you will find plenty of lists with healthy high fiber foods from reputable sources. Protein shakes will not necessarily help you lose weight, they will help you build muscle, which is what you want in order to achieve your goal of being more toned. While protein is important in achieving your goals, you are not trying to bulk up, so protein shakes are probably unnecessary for you and you will do just as well by adding more protein into your every day meals. Fish, chicken, lean beef (preferably grass fed if you can afford it), eggs, beens, nuts (almonds are always a good option), cottage cheese, certain yogurts (try to stick to plain yogurt to avoid excessive amount of sugars. Sweeten it yourself with fruit and maybe a touch of honey). Adding more protein to your diet in this way will help lose weight as it is important for muscle building and will also keep you fuller longer after meals preventing you from going for unhealthy snacks. Don't skimp on protein!


If your belly needs toning then add more focus to that - there are plenty of exercises out there that are excellent for core strength. Honestly though, in my experience, diet is very, very important in losing belly fat. You can do 1000 crunches a day, but unless your percentage body fat is fairly low you will be stuck with rock hard abs under a layer of fat.

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Stop cheating, that one coke is like 2 meals. Sit ups work on the muscle... UNDER the FAT, it doesnt burn the fat exactly on that spot. Cut carbs and dairy.


In addition to this, cut sugar as much as possible, drink a lot of water, and do cardio and/or circuit training.

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Well it looks like its goodbye to coke then i suppose this means all fizzy drinks too? what about fruit juice?


These bile salts sound interesting, what are they?


So I dont get mixed up with sugars, I eat apples everyday, are the natural sugars in these ok?


Thanks for all your advice, and apologies for all the questions, final one:


Ive heard theres a specific time at night that youre not meant to eat after (bit like gremlins ) is this true?

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Just thought I'd give you an update.


Since this happened I had an injury and chipped my tooth, meaning I couldn't really eat that many solid foods, out went junk food, fizzy drinks etc as I had to wait until today for surgery.


So in this time I've lost about 1/2 a stone, I've cut all fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps out of my diet, downloaded an app that keeps a count on calories, protein, carbs and fat intake. I've pretty much hit my recommended intake each day. Carried on with cardio but mainly more weights as running etc hurt my tooth.


So.... Lost weight, but, my stomach doesn't really look any different, I look toned on my chest and arms but stomach looks just a little better.


Where am I going wrong?

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