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Hello! I am a 18 year old teenage guy and my calorie intake is pretty high. I eat a lot of Cheeseburgers, and drink soda's that make it hard to lose weight. I do drink tons of water, but I drink just the same amount of soda. But I have a goal, by summer which is about 4 months away, to have a 6 pack. And I have a couple reasons, 1, I am going to a beach in Florida and whether I do, or do not have a girlfriend I don't want my belly poking out and me looking like a hufflepuff. Now I understand that body isn't everything, but I would think that Women would admire me more if I looked like I took care of my body, and had a nice looking one. Also, doing other activities like I will play beach volleyball, and football, and all, being fit will for sure help me in so many ways. But I have problem! I eat A LOT. And I heard that 4 to 2 hours before you go to bed and drinking water along with it, can help increase a little more. The thing is, it is extremely hard as in, I am always hungry, or I feel like it. So to all you health Guru's, what is a good replacement to make me feel like I am actually getting a good amount of food so I do not eat a whole bag of Doritos everytime, and also, I do need motivation is in it can be hard for me to start something like this, but once I get going I will not stop. Also, I am not "Obese" I weigh about 195 pounds. Which really isn't that bad, but a lot of it is fat and I am not in good shape. I plan on going to the gym with a friend 5 days a week a morning about 5:30 to workout for an hour, but I understand that a good diet helps a lot too. '

Thank you in advance! =)


TLDR: I am a pretty big guy, I need help replacing the Cheeseburgers I eat with healthy things to lose weight.

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Okay so you are an adolescent human male, this means that you will have a large appetite, however, your metabolism isn't high enough to remove the large amount of excess fat, waste, etc which come from such an unhealthy diet. I can explain further but the short version of my advice is 1) no more cheeseburgers- it's not healthy, your body isn't equip to deal with it and fast food is not designed to be eaten every day. 2) (related to one) eat healthier foods, more balanced, fruit, veg, meat, grains. Learning to cook yummy and interesting foods can make you more invested and interested in eating healthily. 3) exercise. It's ridiculously unrealistic to believe you can achieve a six pack (without surgery and without entering into unhealthy eating practices) without doing exercise. Obviously in addition to burning the excess fat and cultivating the muscles, building mass, adding definition, it also helps occupy your mind- you arent bored and focus on the exercise and as such aren't over consuming, furthermore, it increases your metabolic rate so it helps reduce your body fat.


Hope this is clear enough and helps, if you need further information try an internet search or if you would like I can try to field them.

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Well, just by cutting greasy cheesburgers and sugary soda out of your diet, you are sure to drop a few pounds. But, it is hard to eat healthy for those who are not accusstomed to it. I recccomend replicating your favorite foods with ingredients that are more wholesome and less fattening, but still deliver taste.


Instead of eating ground beef burgers, you should try either turkey or veggie burgers. Turkey burgers taste great with the right spices and you can even make turkey meatballs. Also, don't top your burger off with a doughy bun. Use deli flats instead, which are thinner and come in whole whaet, whole grain, etc. As far as veggie burgers go, I reccomend buying the morningstar varieties. They taste good and sometimes I have to remind myself that they are not made out of meat as I am eating them. Lastly, if you crave fizzy drinks, try drinking flavored carbonated water. But, make sure there is no added sugar on the labels.


Good luck!

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But I have a goal, by summer which is about 4 months away, to have a 6 pack.


I weigh about 195 pounds. a lot of it is fat and I am not in good shape.


Given the latter, I suspect the former is not going to happen.


If you hit the gym or crash-diet, you are going to wreck yourself and give up. That is not a maybe.


Cut out soda entirely and you'll be doing a hell of a lot of good right there. The cheeseburgers are likely a non-issue by comparison.


I would suggest setting more realistic goals and following a more intelligent plan (no offence). Train three days a week, with a day of rest in between (and two days once a week).


You aren't going to get what you want by losing fat, you will need to build muscle (easier while you have excess weight, believe it or not) and then lose fat. If you start trying to lose weight fast before you've built muscle you're just going to be thin and flabby rather than big and flabby. A six-pack is a combination of low body-fat and enough ab/back muscle to pull the skin taut over the ab muscles. It's not a short-term proposition.


I would recommend having a look at Starting Strength (my personal choice) or, if you don't like the look of that, a 5x5 weightlifting program (look them up, there are plenty). It will take time, you will have to put effort into weightlifting technique, but you will (IMO) get much better results in the short, mid and long-term as well as gaining a tonne of useable strength.


For what it's worth, if you smash the gym 5 days a week you'll feel like balls and have nothing to show for it; muscle tissue isn't synthesised by spending more time in the gym, it's formed primarily during recovery/sleep. Whatever you do make sure you're getting adequate protein (meat, eggs, milk and whey powder are all your friends) and enough sleep (8+/night). I can't emphasise the last bit enough.

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If you can't cut soda out instantly, then switch from regular to diet soda. And cut out ALL junk food, as in NO Doritos, no fast food. If you must eat out, switch to somewhere like Subway where you can choose sandwiches that have lots of vegetables and no mayo.


One of the reasons you may be hungry all the time could be the soda which has extremely high sugar. You get a boost when you drink it, but not long afterwards, your blood sugar crashes from all the insulin released when you drink the soda, so it triggers your hunger again. So it's a vicious cycle. So first thing you do is switch to diet soda and see if that helps your hunger.


Next, carbs can also trigger hunger for the same reason, especially refined carbs like junk food and sugar (cookies, cake, ice cream, sugared breakfast cereal). So you need to try to cut back on high carb foods. Have protein for breakfast (eggs) and if you eat cereal, have it be something unsweetened like oatmeal or shredded wheat. Also eat only whole grains like wheat toast, but that only in moderation. whole grain fiber fills you up and helps stave off hunger, while things like white bread, pasta, sugared cereals stimulate it.


investigate following a low-carb diet. it has been shown to be the quickest way to lose weight, and your hunger will diminish if it is not being triggered by high cards. low-carb diets are also high protein so help with building muscle if you are going to start a exercise program. there is also a lot less decisions making on low carb (i.e., you don't have to debate with yourself whether you can have that cookie if you don't eat something else), and it eliminates most of the junk food out of your diet instantly to follow low-carb.

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Ketogenic diets appear particularly unsuitable for active individuals (eg people trying to build muscle, if OP is headed that way).


Carbs aren't the enemy; they're your primary source of fuel. Too much is bad. Too little is also bad.


Here is some information that might be of some use on that subject


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#1 LIVER,LIVER!!!! I keep saying this but if you help your liver to deal with the fat and toxins, that leaves your metabolism the time and energy to burn fat. There are plenty of foods that aid liver function. Really works for me. In my final year I even lost ALL of the cellulite that has accumulated with the use of oral contraceptives with not much effort. Replacing a slice of bread with an orange at every meal does a mini miracle.


#2 Keep busy. You say you're hungry all the time and eat large portions. While it's better to keep full with large portions of healthy food, you still need to learn to not be full all the time. Eat a normal sized and balanced portion, get up and do something productive. It only takes a little while to get used to this feeling (and you're not starving yourself, the excessive feeling of hunger is acquired through bad eating habits and is subjective) and you'll love the energy rush and feeling clear-headed when you're body doesn't have to use all it's energy to deal with all the junk you've been eating. And if you're really stubborn about big meals, how much soup, lean turkey, oatmeal, oranges, cucumbers, low fat cottage cheese, pumpernickel and steamed veggies can you eat?? I also can't imagine big meals resulting in a flat stomach, or at least that's never worked for me, i do best with several smaller ones..


#3 Watch your sodium intake, you know that. The water and toxins retained alone give a "swollen, puffy" appearance. As soon as it starts "draining" properly you'll look and feel much better and it'll keep you motivated to make healthy choices.


#4 don't go near the couch much, and if you do, take a thermos of jummy fruit tea with you and no snacks.


#5 you don't really need a six pack. Personally, i think those are overrated. Just aim for a healthy look. Even a little bit of fat is fine as it looks quite "juicy" on a guy lol. Unless you want to attract chicks who dig guys that work out all day, in which case they'll probably have a problem with every physical imperfection and who needs the stress of trying to look like a model? Get someone who likes you anyway, wants you healthy and comfortable, rather than a looks-oriented person who'll constantly make you feel insecure.


#6 fiber. it does help reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs, keeps you regular and aids detox. You'll still have to watch what you eat of course.


#7 exercise but don't exhaust yourself, combine different types of exercise, the guys would know better about this.


#8 physical work. I actually got incredibly toned the one time i had to do major home improvement on my own, it kept me busy and active all summer and the fab body was just a side effect! almost makes me wish i had a collapsing garage to take care of right now


#9 overhaul. make the "body project" just a part of some larger scale work you want to do on yourself or your life. If you include more areas into the makeover you'll be bombed with constant "newsfeed" about your improvement, such as making better use of your time, sleeping better, getting a blast out of a cool hobby or a major growth of self-esteem from taking up a new work project etc. I always introduce new habits this way as it provides me with distraction from my old ways, lots of signs of improvement and i finally start feeling useful and efficient so it keeps me motivated.


#10 dude, soda?!! no way, no sugary drinks and definitely no bubbles, especially if you want a smaller tummy. Seriously man, no. Even if you're not into water, there's healthier beverages out there. Make your own ice tea, lemonade, juice your own fruits and veggies (cucumbers+limes+mint+ a bit of apple if it feels too sour


It's nice you want to go healthier and you should, just don't obsess with it and don't just focus on getting female attention. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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