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Good things about being single?

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Well I've been feeling frequently lonely and sometimes frankly bored post break-up. Thinking abut the BU / rejection almost all the time. In an effort to try to look at the positives, I made a list of good things about being single. Some a bit shallow perhaps, some with a bit more longer-term depth. Can anyone relate? I hope this is at least slightly helpful to anyone. In no particular order...


Eating what I want, when I want.

Time to be alone, feel what I need to feel to get over my ex.

Pleasing myself - going to bed when I want, watching what I want on tv when I want to.

No pressure to regularly body groom!! (Female thing)

More time to spend with my family and friends.

Time to work on my house.

A clear focus on myself.

Leave housework undone if I feel like it.

Lots of time ahead to make plans and decisions.

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  • Sleeping diagonally on the bed, with all four pillows supporting each limb.
  • Being able to crap in your own apartment without running to the local Starbucks.
  • Knowing where all your clothes, shoes, and toilettries are because it's not strewn accross another apartment accross town.
  • Not having to go accross town, or uptown, or whatevertown, and just staying HOME.
  • Eating less and drinking less because you're too lazy to cook or go out. Hello weight loss!
  • Not having to fake cramps so that you can get out of sex because you don't feel like it.
  • Hanging out with your single girlfriends and chatting about completely vapid girl things like shopping or makeup
  • Not having to sit through sports games.
  • Planning for the future without having to consider anyone else. But this also means planning to die alone. Wait, no, this is a "good" list. Ok scratch the last part =)

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Sorry to hear a about your break up.


Being single might help you to realise who you really are and what you really want. Without being influenced by anybody else, or any other circumstances. For example, many people use this time to improve themselves, like start working out or studying smt. they really wanted to but never had enough time. Also, as Firefly mentioned it is a great possibility to explore new societies and people. don`t worry, it wont last for long. Just don`t rush into anything, you are missing nothing (except sex. Sex is good.).


Fifregister: sorry to hear about your sorrow too.

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Only scheduled things that are irrevocable are your responsibilities and chores. So if you want to sleep in on a day when chores are done, or spend a day watching chick flicks/A&E programs and sipping wine - the only one to please is YOU.


And you don't have the Great Remote Hunt because your significant other feels the need to carry it from room to room like a binky for comfort.

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And you don't have the Great Remote Hunt because your significant other feels the need to carry it from room to room like a binky for comfort.




Being able to sprawl right out in bed. Right there in the middle.


Not having to worry about tying-up the bathroom for hours to luxuriate in the bath.

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Gives you time to really find yourself

You can do whatever you want! Go travel the world, look for job opportunities in other countries, flirt with people u find attractive (or maybe more ), see your friends whenever you want, go on a girls night out and get absolutely obliterated drunk without being judged!

Being able to not give f***.. i dont know about everyone else on here but i can get quite stressed at times when im in a relationship, worrying about the other person. Now the only person you have to worry about is yourself.. it's an incredibly freeing feeling! You can be as selfish as u want!

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There are so many items on this list already.... I will add


Now its OK, in fact, you are encouraged to indulge in mindless flirtation just for entertainment purposes. This is a time when can say "Men are like Kleenex. There is always another one where the last one came from." Sure, its disrespectful to all of humanity. So what, being newly single is your time to indulge.




Going exploring by yourself: seeing a museum at your own pace, walking the city exactly how you feel like it.


and, finally,


Having the Sunday paper to yourself, and leaving it a mess as you finish each part.


Oh, and


Its okay to eat those few things that you love but that really gross out your ex. (Steak tartare? Onions? Egg yolks? Bone marrow? Raw cookie dough? Its yours!)

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Funny that's what I hate about being single...the empty bed.


The things I love though is I can stay out and get super smashed until 5 in the morning.

No more catering to special dietary needs (lactose intolerance and no gluten)

More money to spend on me and my dream car

Can focus on getting accepted to med school

Don't have to worry about my analytical nature being misconstrued as being critical and discontent

I don't have to worry about making sure anyone is happy but me

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Well I will add...more money in my pockets and more gas in my tank. I was in a relationship with a woman with 2 kids (not mine). Didn't have to buy any Christmas gifts this year nor birthday gifts this month, as she ended it with me on December 2.


So right!!! I saved close to $300 USD this year because of not spending it with my ex. A total win for me.


There's so much to add but I'll just say that learning to be by myself was awesome. I've always done things by myself but now if I want to see a movie, I can just go, by myself, and still have a great time. I've become a bit less needy about having to do things with other people and learning to have fun solo.

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This will most likely be solely about my last relationship...:


*Not being patronized all the time

*Not feeling scared of whether he is going to dump me all the time

*Not having to tell him how great he is (especially about his STUPID art)

*Wearing what the hell I want without feeling scared of his reaction

*Being able to be myself without being told I am unloveable when I do this

*Being able to do whatever job I want

*Being able to see whatever friends I like without being judged for seeing anyone he doesn't approve of

*Not feeling guilty when I talk/look at a man and especially when the man is flirting with me...however I am struggling with this

*Not being told my family are bad

*Not being put down when I'm already crying

*Not feeling scared of him

*Not having to do the washing up all the time for a house that I don't even live in because he feels I don't do enough for him

*Not being told I don't say thankyou and sorry enough to him

*Not being constantly critisised

*being allowed to say I like my dog without being looked at like I am going to get dumped for that

*not being told I am being like his ex when I am "bad"

*not being told my past is disgusting

*not having to do his clothes washing

*not being told I am trying to get attention and I am selfish when I am ill

*not having sex with him when he's in a bad mood and it feels like he hates me and wants to hurt me

*not being told I'm crazy

*not being told how to brush my teeth

*not being told how to write

*not being told everything I like to watch on TV is childish and a reason for dumping me

*not being told I am not open enough or give enough to him

*knowing he will regret it one day and I will never ever ever go back to him


I know that was a bit of a sad one but I think I needed to get it off my chest

Please God tell me not all men are like this in some way....I feel like they all will treat me like rubbish now

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Funny that's what I hate about being single...the empty bed.


Lol, I have a love/hate RS with the empty bed. While I miss the cuddles for sure, all of my BF's were bed AND blanket hogs and I would usually end up sleeping on the very edge of the bed with minimal blanket coverage. There is something so nice about being able to stretch right out in the middle of the bed! But I do miss the cuddles...

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Well he left me so it wasn't really my choice. I was thinking of leaving for a while though, I actually did leave but he got me back and then dumped me. He's a nasty person.

Yesterday his flatmates both blocked me on facebook, it's been three months since we spoke/broke up. He's obviously still thinking about it in some way. I don't think he likes me not calling him or anything. But I had ENOUGH. I physically knew I had to stay away from him as he was killing me. As upset as I was about it all.

I don't understand him still. I just know he's very very mean to me. But you know, that's enough to stay away!

He's also not very good at getting people to have relationships with. I'm the 2nd girl he's dated in a decade. The last one was on the internet too. I think he just really hated me having any good characteristics or just anything good in my life at all. He is very insecure. It still hurts that he's left me though. I suppose he knows that though, it's his last weapon or something equally pathetic.


I will not get into another relationship like this don't you worry!


I am trying to make my self esteem better. it is really hard but I am making some progress I think. Little steps. I'm starting to not feel like dying when I see images or attractive women now haha. For a while I was just so so insecure I felt like I was of no value at all.


I sometimes think he'll contact me one day but I think I get more and more sure I would never be with him each day now.

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Here are some more good things about being single:


1. No more spending time with their friends/family members whom you can't really stand. No more going to boring parties, weddings, events, family gatherings when you would MUCH rather be someplace else.


2. No more agonizing over what to buy them and their family members for Christmas, birthdays, etc.


3. No more pressure to cook for/take care of the other person.


4. No feeling guilty when you have to work late.


5. No painful feelings like jealousy and anger that love relationships can trigger.


And Most Importantly, the endless possibilities that await you.

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