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What traditions do u have with your nieces and nephews


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My best friend-soul sister of 24 years is 3 months pregnant. Her first sonogram looked just like a dinosaur which I just know I will be calling the kid for life now.


Tonight she sent me a sound clip of the heartbeat. I can not believe she is having a baby. The joy overflowing from my heart is insane.


For some reason I keep thinking it's a girl I can't convince myself otherwise.


My question: I already know im going to be the crazy, fun aunt lol but what kind of traditions do you carry on with your nieces and nephews?


I was thinking of getting her a "something" every birthday (look at me assuming it's a girl again lol)


Just curious if you all have niece or nephews do you do a yearly something special or a yearly special gift?? Need ideas


I made my 8 yr old nephew a Halloween costume this year and an awesome one i may add and so I plan on doing that for him every year til he outgrows it and I'm bringing his brother in the mix too


Man am I excited for this baby!


Thanks in advance!!!!

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You're so sweet Your friend is so lucky to have such a devoted aunty to her baby.

Really, I just make sure to take my niece out to do something just the two of us, whatever she wants to do. For Christmas every year, I get her a picture book, something made by a local author/illustrator that I find at a book fair, and I always put a little note in it and get it autographed if I can.

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You are super sweet. I try to take my nieces & nephews out for a special day around their birthday. My one nephew and I always go see a movie and then get ice cream. I got my niece a charm bracelet when she was really little and every year we go pick out a new charm. This year it was a ballerina because she just started dance--- so fun!!


I just had a baby this summer, and one fun thing by best friend did was get a custom onesie that says "Aunt Melissa Loves You" on the front. I love dressing him in that

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That's so exciting for you! I was thrilled to become an aunt. My sister and my husband's sister both had boys just a few months apart so our nephews are very close in age and it's fun seeing how different they are from each other. Neither of tem lives in town, though we see my husband's nephew more often bc they're only 2 hours away whereas my sister is 7 away.


We skype with our nephews, and we both frequently get voicemails from our nephews, like my nephew will call and sing me the teenage mutant ninja turtles song (he's 4 and our other one will be 4 in April). My nephew loves jigsaw puzzles like I do so we will do one together when I get to visit. My husband's nephew is all boy and into anything destruction and cars and trucks so we play with things like that with him.


For my nephew's birthday this past November, we drove down and went to Lego Land with them, and I made sure to take my nephew on a ride all by ourselves so I could have that time with him.


I love having nephews! They're both so funny and sweet.

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