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Casual dating with a long distance relationship. Update on old posts


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I posted about this guy on early October 2012 (wow, its been 1 year and 3 months). Here is the old post: Click here!


We broke up during that post and I went on with my life though at the end of November/early December (less than 2 months later), we got in touch because of Hurricane Sandy and he "confessed" to me that he hasn't stopped thinking about me and still had deep feelings for me. He asked to see me before he moved to Ireland and we had dinner, where he joked about Ireland needing nurses and I should move to Ireland with him. He tells me that he was over thinking things but now wants to work things out with me and see where things go. We talked about me coming to visit him in a few months to see Ireland and him. We also made plans to see each other in a week and he was leaving in like 2 weeks but I didn't end up seeing him before he left because he cancelled on me that day (because his coworkers threw a going away party) and he wanted to re-schedule but I was pissed off so I told him I already had plans (i had real plans too). Then he said "i guess ill see you in Ireland?" and I said "yes." Looking back now, maybe I was wrong to be pissed off but I was hurt that he had so many other priorities.


We made plans for me to visit Ireland once in March-April 2013 but it didn't happen for one reason or another and at that time, I met someone else (he is my last thread but we have broken up since September). We continued to keep in touch even when I was in the relationship. Mostly him texting me once a month just to see how I am. I told him that I was a little miffed at him months ago cause I was never priority and he said that there are so many things going on that relationships with his friends and family (as well as with me) has been set back while his career had soared. He said he wants that to change soon.


We continued to keep in touch. I asked him how dating in Ireland was and he said its tough cause the chemistry wasn't there, not like when we dated. He said he felt himself with me and its not always unattainable with others. He said he often wonders if he just never gone to Ireland and where our relationship would be now. My other relationship ended and I told him and he said he was sorry to hear that. Then he invited me to come visit Ireland again and we decided on a few weeks. But he ended up coming to NYC that week I was supposed to go to Ireland so I ended up seeing him here. I haven't seen him for almost a year since then but when we saw each other, its like he has never left. He felt the same, maybe with a little more gray hair but it was like no time has past. I bought tickets to go to Ireland for January though he said he will see me in a few weeks cause he will be in the US for Christmas with his family in CT.


Well, I just got back from Ireland for a long weekend yesterday. I was there Thursday to Monday. It was the first time we spent more than 12+ hours together. He's been joking since we became re-acquianted again about me moving to Europe, even if he will financially support me. But they are just jokes. Things were great when we were together... And yes, we finally had sex this weekend and it was awesome. For some reason, when we met up on November and then on December, our make outs were intense but never made it all the way. Plus i had so much to drink on December that I passed out with a headache while we were kissing. I barely remember him kissing me on the forehead and leaving my place.


I guess I don't know where to go as this point. He's still in Ireland and I'm still in New York City.

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