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have more than a crush in her..really want to date her...please help


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Ok so I like this girl in my office..we are in the same department but different teams..she is like one of the most beautiful girl in office and I am also one of the good looking guys..I have just had a small interaction with her and that also cause her close friend in her team is my close friend too..


So the positives I will list:

Our common friend is close to both of us but more to me.

While talking to that close friend I got to know she's (my crush)single and once randomly asked about me to her ( I quote 'who's this cute guy (me)').

We both have caught each other staring but don't know if I can make a definite conclusion on it.

Indirectly have mentioned about my birth date (first week of feb) so that something happens. Like any sort of interaction or probably more.


Negatives or risks:

Since she is beautiful she could be approached by others easily.

We are in different teams so can't interact directly.


I don't know how to take help of my close friend in order to win her. It's kinda risky if doesn't work out cause I am usually the shy type and have impression of a v reserved person.

I can't take a no from her for the date as answer so scared and want to do everything as right as possible.


I just want we mutually ask each other out. I don't come out as desperate types at all. Neither to my friend nor my crush. I just want a plan or tips so that she knows I like her and she also expresses the same.


Please help . Would really appreciate

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Maybe, you could try to get together during work hours. Maybe at a cafeteria or something, if you have the same lunch break, or casually find out if she wants to eat with you or something like that. Or be nice and ask her if she wants coffee and bring it to her and strike up a convo from that.

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