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Complicated and confused. Help!


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So I'll just start from the beginning. My best friend liked a guy, and she asked him to homecoming, blah blah blah. Well after homecoming the same guy she really like starting talking to me a lot. I didn't make anything of it of course because I didn't like him in a boyfriend kind of way. So we became really close friends really quickly.


After a while he told me that he liked me. And at that time I guess I kinda like him too. So the day after he told me that, we went to the movies with a group of friends and i ended sitting next to him and my best friend was on the complete opposite side of the row so she couldn't see us. Keep in mind, I still hadn't told her about him because she was my best friend and I didn't want to hurt her. During the entire movie he was always touching me, and looking at me, and eventually held my hand. When the movie was over he would grab my waist or touch me when the others weren't looking. I just felt he was coming on super strong and I was hesitant because of my best friend.


So we did that whole thing for about a week with none of our friends knowing. After about a week, he told his best friend (who happens to be one of my good friends) that he like me. And he ended up telling one of my other friends, so eventually my best friend found out through the grapevine, and she was surprisingly ok with it! Everything was perfect. I liked the guy more and more, and we had the support of our friends. We kept on getting closer and closer. We would take pictures together after football games, he would walk me to my classes, it was going great. We were both extremely happy.


The Friday before Thanksgiving Break, me and my best friend drove all the way to Pasadena so that I could surprise him at his last football game. He was really surprised and happy to say the least. I hadn't really talked to him that weekend because his parents are divorced so I hadn't made anything of it. Well when the week of break started, he became really shady and was always busy and was kind of blowing me off. I knew he had wrestling practice, but he would go to the movies, and shooting, and golfing. It was really unlike him because he was usually all over me. Finally after like 3 days I was done with being rejected and just asked him if he even liked me anymore. He said he still did, but didn't want to get serious until after wrestling season. I was ok with that assuming we would just continue to do what we had been doing. I was completely wrong. Once we got back to school, he stopped waiting for me after my class (our classes were right next to each other) and that wasn't like him. So I just talked to him about it. He disclosed to me that he just wanted to be friends during wrestling season because he once had a girlfriend during wrestling and it hadn't turned out well. I told him that of course I would wait, and he knew I was going to support him either way.


He wasn't treating me like a friend. He was basically ignoring me. He was snap chatting all these girls a lot and when I would snapchat him, he would open it but never reply. He was always busy. I later found out he went to the movies with some girl and was asking her if she wanted to make out and mess around. I was dumbfounded. Like how did he go from being obsessed with me to that? I eventually got over that because the girl he went to the movies with got a boyfriend. So it was just whatever. But he just does these little things in the halls. Like he'll nudge me, or say something stupid, or make a weird face. I just don't get it. Is he as hurt as I am? I don't know. Its been like this for a few months and its still continuing. Wrestling season is almost over. My friends say that he cares, but he's hurt that he can't be with me right now. Its just so childish like in kindergarten when boys would be mean to the girls they like. I know his brother very well and one day after school he yelled to me "_____ is coming if you want to wait for him!" and him and his brother are close and he knew about us before.


Im just so lost and confused and broken over this whole thing.

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