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Feeling a little downcast.

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Is there any reason you keep deleting your posts soon after you post them?


Sorry, I hadn't realised it was visible to others otherwise I'd not have kept uploading it and taking it down. The posts were all the same issue. I'd want to seek advice but then I'd keep coming back to the same conclusion: that thinking on it won't change anything and I just have to go through it, so I delete the post, which was only written after days of thinking. But when my mind kept coming back to the issue I'd get to the point of wanting to post. And again, I'd reach the conclusion that I know that answer, I just have to work through it but it isn't always so easy. I also feel a little exposed being on a public forum but unfortunately I didn't and don't have many supports in which to seek advice from (family, friends, etc). This particular post though, as you can see, a couple of people answered and I didn't want to leave the post up as you cannot delete them once they're resolved.

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