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So sad but I do still feel a little stronger


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So I broke no contact yesterday ( I know bad ) I wanted to know how he was doing he said he was good asked me how I was I said good aswell

Him: is there something wrong

Me: no why do you ask that

Him: I told you the other day it would be best if we talk only for important things

Me : ok I'm sorry

Him : I'm sorry steph , your not ready and neither am I to talk

Me : can I ask you one last question and then you won't have to hear from me again

Him: wat? And I didn't say I don't want to hear from you again just for now it's best we don't talk

Me: did you love me while we were together and do you regret being with me ?

Him : I don't regret anything and yes I loved you

Me : I'm so scared your going to forget our 2 years together and everything we shared and all the good because we argued along near the end

Him : of course not ! Now try and have a good day.

Me : thank you , you too !


I then saw he re added his ex girlfriend from 4 years ago on facebook ( she hates me , started a lot of rumours while me and my ex were together ) she is younger and never moved on from my ex she also went down a bad path after he left her , anyways I guess for you looking for a bit of hope they do not forget there exs and more then likely will try and communicate with you eventually unfortunitly for me it's not with me ,but anyways to finish my story I got drunk last night csuse I was upset (also bad) and messaged him on facebook I just said hey he answered and said are you ok ? At 3 am I never answered , this morning I apoligiesex I asked him to block me on facebook ( I know If do it I'll just end up unblocking him ) I also blocked his number from my phone I feel sad I'm scared now he will forget me .I miss him , I made this step today after a mess up yesterday I'm correcting my mistakes and noticing them before I would just ignore them or pretend like it never happens I think I did the right think in asking him to block me but now it's all in his hands if he'll ever want to talk to me again

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WS an that's why I asked him to block me because I really do not have the will power right now to stop talking to him sad I know but I want to stop bugging him so at least now he'll talk to me when he's ready , and I have no way of communicating with him . I'm not crying which normally I would be ,

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Don't worry. You were together for 2 years, he won't forget you.

And now you can't communicate with him, which is good. I've been in no contact for almost a month and I'm still quite a mess but sooo much better than before. You won't have any news from him so nothing new can hurt you.

Try to move on. He said he will talk to you when he feels you both are ready. So don't be scared about being forgotten. You were part of his life for 2 years.

You think you made a mistake but at least you know that he loved you and he didn't regret anything.

Go on with your life and in the future, when you both are ready, you can start talking again.

I know it's really difficult because I'm dealing with something similar but try not to worry about his other ex or his life and try to put that energy in your life.

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My ex told me "I'll respect you and I'll not contact you until you contact me." It's been 3 months now. I'm not going to give in. If she wants me in her life, even after she broke with me, she's the one who needs to come after me.


Leave him be. I know it's hard but just ignore the urge to contact. Live your life.

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Yeah I guess not counting would be easier lol ! Today I feel good tomorrow might be harder but for today I'm smiling and keepin busy I made a lost of my goals and things I want to accomplish in the next 6 months ! I finish school in 2 weeks then the big job hunt begins lots happening no time to think! lol

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