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Does he just want to be FWB?


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That doesn't mean he wants to date you past the first time you have sex though. His actions showing you that he values you is what will tell you if he actually wants a relationship with you. Dating doesn't mean exclusively unless you discuss being exclusive. Sex won't garner you a relationship so if you're going to have it before you know where he is steering this and that you're both on the same page about it then don't be expecting anything but (hopefully) an orgasm.

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It doesn't work. Unless you are a robot or seriously lacking in human emotion-you will get attached. If your having regular sex with someone-then your gonna get attached.


Don't lower yourself. Don't ever let a man use you. Be smart and find a guy who treats you like the sun shines outa your a**


This is not true for ALL people (women/men) It may be true for you but that doesn't make it the rule for all people. In this case, Op yes, will likely get attached thats why it's a good idea FOR HER to take things slow and if he won't go slow along with her, then to next him and find someone whose first action with her isn't to try and get a leg over that night.

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Look, I'm really not trying to jump to conclusions here, but it seems like he wants to know me better. He has initiated contact every day since we met.


Also, I'm not sure I want a relationship with him: there are some things that kind of hold me back.


If you want a f*ck buddy, go find someone you have zero interest in dating, not someone who you think you might date.

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