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Real bad insomnia

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I' have had insomnia for the past 15 years and not one of the them have worked.

Ambien cr 12.5 , trazodone and seroquel had been working very well until all so them stoped working.

I am so anxious because I can't sleep.

I started to take NyQuil with the meds with the medsI use and it has worked well.

The problem is that nobody supports me with this and think I am abusing medications.

Does anybody know of a medicine that can help with chronic insomnia?

I get so nervous when it is time to go to sleep.

Any ideas on what I can do?


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I know some people who have had good results w/ melatonin. A few other tips, although if you've been dealing w/ this for 15 years you've probably already heard it all but here goes just in case. Don't nap during the day, exercise every day (earlier in the day, not at night), have same bedtime each day and a bedtime routine, have your bed for sleep only (no watching TV, reading, etc.), stop consuming caffeine 5+ hours before bedtime (or stop altogether), take up meditation, if you lie down and can't sleep after 20 minutes or so, get up, take a bath, read and try again after awhile.


Insomnia sucks! Hope some of this helps.

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The sleep inducing ingredient in Nyquil is the same as plain old Benadryl - Diphenhydramine.


You'd probably be better trying to use plain Benadryl, and at least not be getting the dose of the medications that you're not needing.


Check with a doctor for interactions, but my FIL takes plain Benadryl as a sleep aid since most of the more common sleep aids conflict with his psych meds.


Other things that can help beyond what others have mentioned - a nature noise or white noise machine. If you're sensitive to the sounds around you, whichever you find more relaxing, try it. It doesn't have to "drown out" all the surrounding noise, more mute it into background noise. So whether it's water sound, crickets and birds, or static - whatever floats your boat, try it and see if you're sound sensitive.


Also - though it sounds silly - scents. Some smells are naturally soothing, like vanilla or lavender, or baking scents. If you're worried about leaving a candle burning - try one of the electric oil or wax warmers. You'll have a constant scent - and no fire danger.


Last - make sure what you're wearing and your sleeping "equipment" is as comfortable as possible. I'm a sheet snob - they have to be soft, and no wrinkles. Believe it or not, wrinkles wake me up to straighten the bed! Quite annoying. And I can't sleep in anything confining, cotton tank and shorts is it for me, or zzzz's do not happen.

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Actually, the makers of Nyquil have isolated the Diphenhydramine and have marketed "Zquil" as a sleep aid so you're not taking all the other things for cold/flu when you're not sick.


I have been using 5mg melatonin and it works rather well. I also have been drinking Valerian tea or the Bigelow Sleepy Time tea, plus eating raw celery before going to bed. Celery helps in promoting sleep.


I also use sleep audio files--beta waves which help me to fall asleep even when I'm not taking the melatonin and other things. On iTunes, look up Dr. Jeffery Thompson's mp4's. Those have especially helped me.


My doctor prescribed Lunesta, but I don't like it because it gives me a metallic taste in my mouth.

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When stressed or depressed my sleep patterns go whacko on me and I can stay up all night and then have to go into work in the am and am exhausted and basically useless. My dr prescribed sleeping pills for me. I find reading for 30 mins and listening to music after with lights out help induce more sleepiness.

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