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Me and my girl got back together after a very difficult and messy split. However upon return we got caught up in the honey moon phase and now we are still undergoing some of the same issues we went through. Respect for one another is probably the top problem. This time id say I'm the perpetrator. I realized that I was very selfish when she criticized me. I was defending my self rather than acknowledging her criticism and working at it. For example, I went home with her one day to her family for her birthday and her Christmas, and we were watching old school videos from when her parents were kids, honestly very beautiful videos and very cute. However I was extremely tired but I wanted to make an effort to come and there was a whole thing where I forgot that she was having her birthday with her dad (I was still celebrating her birthday with her and her friends as well on 2 occasions). I'm not asking for credit I just want to point of course I didn't completely forget lol. I spent 2-3 weeks with her for Christmas on a personal and family basis. So when I returned to school I told her I couldn't do Christmas with her dad's side, I had to focus on school. It turns out it was also her birthday she was doing with him. She wasn't happy. She argued that I should have spent my time more wisely during Christmas and not spend the entire Christmas with her, maybe get work done so I can go to her bday because it was very very important to her. I agreed to go after reasoning. And finally she said she'd allow me to come just so she wasn't punishing me for forgetting because she really wanted me to be there. I was overjoyed, but again, I made a big mistake, like I said I was tired, and when we were watching those videos I said, 'this is torture'. It was because I wished I was more awake for her family because I really have fun with them but unfortunately I wanted to sleep. It sucked I wish I never said that and I'm paying for it hard. I felt horrible and I explained that the family want torture but trying not to look rude and falling asleep was.


I wish I didn't say this. My girlfriend is a very fair and smart girl and I feel like I blew it with us. She's not the same anymore. She used to call me babe and talk to me now she calls me by my name and almost does her 'duty' as girlfriend rather than out of love. It sucks.


I'm not a total . As a matter of fact I love her more than anyone and I didn't respect her so much and she's at her last now. As you guys can guess it's not the first time something like this has happened. I wish I wasn't so inconsiderate. I've apologized, se agreed that we can get counselling, and I'm happy she's giving me a chance, but in the meantime she is acting so off, she isn't happy and she said the other day that maybe we should just be friends. To be honest at this point what I don't want is for her to be in a relationship she doesn't want to be in. She tells me she loves me but she isn't herself and it hurts me. I want her to feel like she's on top of the world, I really miss 'us'. My girlfriend isn't innocent either and I'm pointing out my flaws only and I know I'm not a bad person, but I am very respectful of her but recently I've been indecent of late.


I want her to know that she can criticize me and ill be patient and understanding with it. And my shut her out. Things feel very weird and limbo right now.


What can I do?

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