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Having trouble determining of this guy is interested in me......


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My ability to determine if men that aren't open about m2m are coming on to me is horrible.

Sorry, I'm new to this and this guy that is a really good friend, I THINK, is interested, but I'm not sure

and since he's a good friend I don't want to jeopardize his friendship if he's not into it.....

here's the scenarios.....


We were at a bar (sports bar) and he (GuyA) was sitting to my right, another friend of our's was sitting to my left (GuyB).

Time #1

GuyA leans over to talk to GuyB, as he does this, he puts his arm around my neck/shoulder area and leaves is there for the entire conversation.


Time #2

While talking to him at the same bar (different night) he grabbed my face, both his hands were on my cheeks and he left them there for about 2 mins while we talked.


Time #3

was telling me he thought I looked like this one guy, when I clearly did not (at least to me)


I'll also add that when we see each other for the first time, it's a hug, not a handshake.


Granted this guy is divorced, and I know that means nothing, but...he was married at one time, so I know he's not openly gay.

Pretty good friend of mine, so I'm leery about making a move......


or is he already making moves and I'm too stupid to pick up on them?

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Sounds like he is either very open and touchy feely type or he may be interested. Was he drunk or tipsy? Does he know you like guys? If so he may be trying to subtly show you he likes you. Does he display this touchy behavior amongst his other friends? What you need to look for is if he acts that way around just you, if so he may have some tendencies.

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