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Boy i've been flirting/talking with hinting that he wants to leave his boyfriend


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Well first off, yes he's a boy and I'm a boy. But if it makes it easier you can pretend he's a girl and i'm a boy, or the other way around.


(*** Skip to this part if you don't want to read some backstory and more in depth on current situation)


This boy i've been talking to has been with his FIRST and ONLY boyfriend(his first ever anything, first kiss, first "experience", first boyfriend) for near 3 years, all I hear about his current boyfriend (from his word only) is how bad of a boyfriend he is, he doesn't like him playing games, he doesn't want to go out anywhere nice with him, he doesn't want to go on holiday with him, loads of general bad stuff, (he's also really unattractive, he looks like a meth addict with nothing physical to boast about either).


anyway, we've been talking for a while now and we flirt a lot with eachother all the time, we share a lot of common interests and hobbies and we seem to really like eachother. Recently he's basically been dropping hints he doesn't want to be with his boyfriend anymore, starting with saying how the relationship is more "off-road than ever", and more recently just outright saying that they don't think they will be together much longer.


For me I guess i've hit the jackpot. The problem is I'm quite shy really, sure I can spout off nonsense on a forum under an anonymous name but with real conversations I struggle to say how I feel. after he talked about how his relationship is in the 'final stages' I didn't really know what to say, I wanted to say look you got me him and ride off into the sunset, but that obviously isn't going to work and it's really insensitive.


The problem is I think he likes me and wants it to be more than just friendship but I'm not giving the right signals back. I want a full relationship with him but I don't know how to give off the right signs without seeming desperate or like I'm begging for it, so I'm just kind of acting like a half-arsed friend by saying "oh that sucks man"(in nicer words) trying to cheer him up I guess like a friend would, but i don't know it's complicated




So like the title says, he seems to really like me and want to move on from his boyfriend and into a relationship with me, but I'm new to this too to be honest, I'm gay of course and i've had very little experience, never a comitted relationship and I just don't know how to respond to the stuff he's saying. I can't stress enough really, it's like he's trying to get a positive response out of me so I give the right signals that I want to move up a base but I have no idea how without being insensitive or making me look frigid. Thanks for reading

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If you want to have a good relationship it has to start being good and healthy from the start. Next time he hints again, ask him if he is thinking about breaking up with him and why.

It's really up to you if you want to jump into a relationship like that, because even if he is saying all those things about his boyfriend, he is still with him and talking to you. Could you trust him if you start a relationship? I would rather wait and let him break it up, if that is what he wants. After that start it off slow.

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