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It's time to move on from the ex. I would love some advice.


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I was in a relationship that lasted just under a year. Ultimately, it ended because she cheated. Over the course of the few months since the break up, I've reflected on a lot of things. I've even sought the help of a therapist. I was in love with this girl and I gave her 100% every day. The more I look back on the relationship, I realize that I failed greatly at noticing all of the red flags that she was throwing up. These past few months have been very rough. It's tough enough going through a break up, but her actions after the break up were beyond cruel and very hurtful. But yet, I find myself still having tremendous love for this girl. And it's crazy because I know I shouldn't. By now I should be moving on and finding new life experiences to pursue. I've been on a few dates with really great girls. But for some reason, I can't shake the girl that I loved with all of my heart and then she broke it. So just a few questions...


As I mentioned, I broke up with her because she cheated. I asked for some space and then offered the chance to work on things. She didn't like that idea and I broke it off completely. So why am I the one left feeling like this is all my fault- like I'm the bad guy? Why has she turned the tables on me?


Secondly, her actions after breaking up were cruel and just plain immature. Again, why is this happening? I thought I was doing the right thing by breaking things off and it seems like her life's mission is to crush my soul.


I'm in law enforcement and just took a new job in the field. I will be transferring to a new city in the same state. It's super important that I'm focused. I would love any input or advice. I have exhausted all of my mental energy into trying to figure out how someone you loved with everything could be so hurtful.

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