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finally talked to and got # from cute girl at work - what to do?


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Hello all. Nice to meet you.


First a little background on myself. I'm 27 but I look and feel more like 20. I don't have any kids and have never been married. I've only had 2 girlfriends, however both were "long-term" relationships. One from 16-21, and the other from 22-24. I've never "hooked up" outside of dating, so do the math and you'll see that at this point I might as well be a virgin again.


I only keep a few close friends and I really don't mind being alone most of the time, but the lack of physical affection from another human is definitely growing on me and I think even showing in more ways than I'm probably aware.


I don't want to "settle down" at the moment, nor anytime in the foreseeable future. However, due to my lack of experience for my age (and also how long it's been since I've even kissed a girl), every time I meet a girl I am attracted to my brain goes immediately to imagining how she will become my next girlfriend, rather than just relaxing and being myself so I can really get to know her.


So anyway, there is this girl where I work who has caught my eye on several occasions for the past month or so but I had never got the chance to introduce myself because she works mornings and I work evenings. The other day, the stars seemed to align when I was asked if I wanted to work a morning and they just so happened to schedule us together. The chances of us being scheduled together are literally somewhere around 1/20, yet I was hoping for that to happen very badly and it did.


When I got to where we'd be working together, she immediately introduced herself with a beautiful smile. Her name sounded sexy when she said it and my attraction instantly went up further. It only continued to throughout the day as I realized through conversation that we have quite a bit in common. I swear I kept catching her checking me out and we even flirted a bit. I finally said something like "you seem pretty cool, we should hang out some time". and she agreed.


We were too busy at the time for me to get her number so I waited until we were on break. I did get it then, but it seemed more awkward since there were more people around. I tried not to make it seem weird though. I gave her my number as well.


We continued to chat (and flirt) the rest of the day. She started talking about nutrition and wanting to watch her weight and I told her that she doesn't have to worry about that. She seemed to enjoy the compliment and then started telling me about school. I found out she's 20, but she didn't seem shocked or surprised when I told her I'm 27 (technically next month).


At the end of the day I asked her what she was doing figuring maybe she'd be free to hang out but she said she was going shopping and then had school the next day.


It's now been a few days since then and I saw her at work yesterday and today for a couple minutes and got to chat again, but hanging out didn't come up because other people were around which gave me cold feet. We did kinda flirt again though and she told me I smelled good today.


Anyway, I have tomorrow off and I know she does too cause I saw it on the schedule. I also know that she is graduating college this Saturday. Should I maybe just text her tomorrow and ask her what's up? I do know she's an avid texter.

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I don't see why not? But... you may hear another 'reason' she can't- because of her graduating this weekend....

So dont let that set you off, that she's not interested.


Let her get all that done with, then see how goes. Good just to go with it- take it in stride. Since you both seem to be interested in each other.


Take it slow...work on getting to know each other. Sounds like neither of you know much about the other. So be a good idea to go out a cpl times at least and go from there. Give it time.. enjoy each other's company.


Good your not on same shift, otherwise i'd say dont go there. Often with work-related involvement, can cause problems in the end.


gd luck

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