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Broke up Xmas time and got back together and 3 weeks later a BIG argument


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Ok guys we've been together for 3.5 years now and we broke up last month before Xmas over a huge argument. We weren't together for a week and it was killing

us so we got back together after new years. The past few weeks have been amazing and felt like we were dating all over again. I've been surprising her at work with lunch and date nights etc.. She loves it until what happened today.


Last week she needed a ride to the airport and I told her my boss wouldn't let me off early so her sister ended up dropping her off. I told her friday I'm getting off early cause I'm riding with my friends to Las vegas for my friends birthday. She got so pissed and hung up the phone on me and said this is the reason why we broke up cause of my friends. She hates them and thinks I put them before her. I always make sacrifices for her and that's what she doesn't realize cause she hates my friends with a passion.


Then she told me if I want to be with her I have to choose them or her and I told her I chose her. Then she starts bringing everything back up. I'm so tired from work and this is just wearing me out but I love her too much to let go. How would you handle this situation guys? I know she's pretty crazy but its hard to let go of her.

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First of all, NO, you do NOT 'choose' between your gf & friends. You never give up your 'life' for a partner.

YOU are entitled to have a life outside your relationship. UNfortunately, she doesn't like your friends... what to do?


She has informed you, yet again how she can't stand them... BUT she should never have put YOU on the spot like that. That will lead to more resentment. It's like her telling you to pick between her and your family- her loss.

You just dont do that.


When you go into a relationship- you work on what's possible. Not your fault she doesn't fancy them.

If things dont work, they don't, sadly.


But the way she reacted towards you isn't fair... is that what you really want?

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