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So 7 days have passed...it's been a whole week.


And how do I feel?


Sadly this morning I had one of my most anxious times.


I kept thinking about what was going to happen on the 22nd of Feb...the day we decided to talk to each other again.


Would he say, "I missed you, please lets get back together"....if he did right now I feel like I'd run back into his arms.


But what if he says, "They've been great"....I hate myself for wanting his month to not be great without me.


And what will I say? Right now I feel like begging him to let us have another chance...but my gut is screaming to me that it's not right. We already had a break up make up a few months ago...and this time he was clear, "I don't think you're the one." "It's not love love" "Maybe in the future"....etc. Clearly short term this isn't working for him...and I should give up hope.


Maybe a year down the line we can start afresh....maybe I could suggest that to him?


But every time I think that my mind says, "For heavens sake try to let go...maybe it's not meant to be".


So confused (Have an exam tomorrow on top of this stress and I'm so going to fail)

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These are all very normal feelings, but you must know that you HAVE to stick to no contact. You might want to do things to help your anxiety.


And the harsh reality is that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. If he did he would be there. That's really all you need to know.


I know it hurts but use it to help you move on. Nobody can say he won't be back again, but if he does come back it will be years down the road.


Stay strong and keep weening yourself off this love drug. It isn't easy, but one day you will wake up and realize that he isn't the first thing on your mind.

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I totally agree with firefly2613's advice!


The upset feelings you have right now are completely normal. I can say from experience no contact is 100% the best way to get better and heal. Veering away from this could hurt you very bad and set you way back in your healing. NC all the way, and just know that these awful feelings aren't forever, things will get better and you will be happy again do things in the meantime that make you happy like spending time with family, friends, maybe pick up a new hobby, read a great new book, etc. These suggestions might sound useless right now but trust me engaging your mind in something can work wonders and boost your mood.


Best wishes & stay strong!!!

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