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Back with my ex GF again after 5 months


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so 2 days ago i got back with my ex. but she is currently on a different place, she is coming back and we are going to live together again in a couple of months from now. the thing is that we decided to get back together over the phone, and that it feels very weird.


I have no problem getting back with her and loving her again, but i think my mind is in conflict to the idea of not being single anymore, since ive been enjoying myself dating other women since we broke up, the point it something dosent feel right


our relationship ended when she broke up with me for some stupid reason she said she didnt want to prolong my agony because at that time she was leaving my country and its highly unlikely that she will return, and she didnt want me to feel alone and that i should look for another partner. but she ended up having the chance to live in my place again and that she grabbed the opportunity to live in my country for a couple more years and she said hopefully forever.


(I did have a relationship that lasted for 3 Months after her, and so did she for 4 months)


we've been together for 2 years and 6 months before the break up. and its been 5 months since then and i got to say that the fire is very dim for me, but i do remember the good times with her, maybe that's why i went along with it, or is it because sometimes i seem to miss her quite alot lately. Ive never considered going back with her until she brought it up and the idea mesmerized me for some reason.


anyhow what is this weirdness i feel, something isnt right

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The idea of getting back together with an ex is always "mesmerizing" because you remember the good things, and you think you'll feel like that again. In fact I heard on the radio the other day that 45% of people they surveyed have went back to an ex at some point. I've done it lots...but it's just never the same. The sex may still be the same (awesome in most cases) but the relationship...not so much. The break-up sounds shady as hell too. Guaranteed she's lying about something.

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