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Probably the most bizzarre ending (and beginning) of a relationship ever?


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Basically in a nutshell it's like this.... I am 20, he is 17 (almost 18). The new person is almost 24.


Everything was going fine and I did not foresee any serious problems at all, for 14 months between me and my boyfriend. Our 15 month was coming up, and on New Year's Eve, someone else spent the night with him. It WASNT a friend. He had met this person just 2 days prior, and had been texting them for about 5 days prior to that. (I am 100% positive)

We had discussed for a while, and were both looking forward to the fact that --- I was supposed to move in with him 2 days after New Year's Day!


I went down to see him at his house on New Years Day as a surprise, and he breaks up with me, ''having found someone else.'' Over the past 12 days ......


Day 1 & 2 -- Pictures of them in bed together posted to instagram. Picture collages of things such as "i love you so much" and "my one and only true love" and of them together.


Day 3 -- ex is given flowers and a teddy bear


Day 4 -- My ex is wearing a ring on his RING FINGER that was given to him.


Day 9 -- He moves into this new person's apartment and has been living there for 3 days now. He also posted pictures on instagram of a mansion, leading people to believe he is living there, which he is not, and it is in fact an apartment.



What in the crap? I mean, seriously? He has moved 2 hours away, out of state, isn't going to school, and quit his job. I need some advice of what to even think of this and what is likely to happen?

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