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A little story about a girl and a guy...


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I originally posted my story on the "getting back together" part of this forum, a move initiated by my early hopes about finding answers to my questions and overcoming our difficulties together, me and my ex.


There is no hope left. She left with another guy, a canadian, and wants to follow him to Montreal where he works after only 4 weeks of being together. I am slowly getting through this emotional shock and deal with my difficulties as they come by. I am still very confused and want to share it with you, hoping to find some answers here...


You can find my story here :




Thanks !

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Your best bet is to keep going your own way- away from her now.

To keep holding on won't let you 'accept', get over her & move on, at all...


If she's choosing to move along with some dude to Quebec? Let her go.. Life is all about learning- and making mistakes. If or when she comes to see the light- it'll most likely be too late by then.


Could possibly be a 'rebound', who knows? But time for YOU to look at accepting this as time to move on with your own life. Believe me, Iknow how hard it is.. and how painful loss of one you came to love, is....


But, really, nothing more we can do about it, but let them go..yes, it is hard to do, too. Sometimes, life just sucks, for a while! We're hurt in many ways with something like this.


One day at a time..time is all we have.



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I am so sorry this happened to you, but really there are no answers. I spend about the first 6 months of my broken engagement asking why, why, why did you do this to me/us, but the only thing that ever came was the anxiety of trying to make sense out of nonsense. It's been a year and I still don't know why and I'm still not healed, but I just keep pushing through because that's all you can do. Acceptance comes with time, but believe me it is not a linear process.

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