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Hey everyone , I am writing this to give some tips on how to get your ex back I'm not guaranteeing it but If you do the opposite of what I did your chances will go up !! My story is a long one you can go read if you want long story short I was mean and took him for granted to a point some people on here even called me evil , yes evil . I was a bad girlfriend but even though we had slot of bad moments we did have a lot of good aswell and we did share a lot and he truly did love me and I see it all now , 2 weeks ago we got into our last big fight I was cruel I told him I am glad he is out of mine and my sons life and that my son is lucky to not have anything to do with him , I was mean and didn't mean any of it he was a great step dad !!! Anyways after all was said and done he said he didn't live me any more and he never wanted to talk to me again !! I was devistated and I was so mad at my self for hurting him again , I knew I had hit rock bottom , I knew I was never getting forgiven . I then desided after 2 days straight of crying that was it I needed help proffesional help , I called my local clinic and they set me up with a social worker I am starting therapy and anger management this Tuesday and I am also taking parenting classes my ex ha asked me so many times to because of my depression , anyways I ha to hit that low before I saw it for myself although everything I said was from a place of hurt it was not right to hurt him to make myself feel better , and in the en I felt worse because I had truly hurt someone I loved and who used to love me . Anyways last night I recieved a long facebook message from him , saying he is proud of me that I am seeking help proud that I finally see it and he said if I ever need him he will be there but for now he wants me to smile and focus on myself ad when we are both ready we can recomminicate as friends. He said to take it day by day and not do it for anyone else but for me , he told me to have a great night and that we would talk soon.. Although I know I have no chance of ever getting him back I am glad he forgave me and is proud and sees my efforts I want to make sure I do not hurt another this way ..

So that's my story here are my tips

1. No contact is important to heal because if you do not do no contact you are prolonging your pain and you can and will say thins you regret or do things that label you as crazy .

2. Be independent and don't let him be the sorce of your happiness ( show him you want him but don't need him )

3. Men want a girl to be emotionally stable they do understand we are hurt and will listen to be nice but after awhile they will get fed up ( hence no contact)

4. If you decide to contact your ex after a long no contact they will see you in a new light

5. Time heals a lot !! After awhile they do forget the bad and remember good memories it is up to you to keep good memories there

6. Do not text or call your ex out of hurt or anger you WILL regret it !!

7. Heal and work on yourself get your life back together (therapy is a great idea)

8. Accept you can not have yor old relationship back , but if you et back with your ex you can have a new and better one .

9. Live your life !!!!!!



Please stop begging stop pleading stop because I do promise you it is pushing him away !!! let me know if you have any questions !!

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Yep but I believe it is very possible to get an ex back if you work out the problems that were their before if there was once love there can be love again , but if you make all the mistakes I did you cannot because they see you as weak and insecure and not attractive , trust me the next time my ex sees or talks to me I won't be like that I will be strong I will look my best and most of all I will be happy an possitive

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