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Success love story//Terrible breakup happy marriage!


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I am new here though I've been lurking around for a few months without actually signing up because of laziness mostly.

This post is to give others hope, it is not my story but the story of a friend of mine though I'm in a similar situation as he was.(My ex broke up with me, we're not in contact, I still love him but recently have started learning to build my own life and universe for myself without him in it and it's quite a liberating though scary and painful at times experience...anyway, not about me. I still have a little hope, but maybe there is someone better out there for me.)



My friend, let's call him Andrew, dated this girl since he was quite young 19 or 20. Let's call her Anna. Andrew was always a pragmatic, more rational individual with a scientific mind though he also had a deeply rooted love for art in all its forms. Anna was a bit more of a wild one, one of the energetic practical hands on people who dive into life and make things happen. They were a lovely couple from the outside, and I didn't know Andrew quite well until one day Anna had to move to another part of Canada with her family. At that point they had been together for 2 and a half years maybe a little more. They decided to continue the relationship long distance and this is when I became good friends with Andrew (same uni schedule).


Anna started acting distant and telling Andrew she needed some space. She decided she needed so much space that come summer (which would have been the time of their reunion after a few long months apart) she wanted to travel to Paris. With a friend. A male friend. Without Andrew.


You can imagine Andrew's pain and anger and fear that erupted from Anna's confession. Unfortunately, a few weeks into the trip, Andrew's fears were confirmed. Anna had slept with the friend and actually wanted to take a break or break up or even explore, not sure how she worded it.

Andrew was hurt, cut off all contact with her and decided to move on with life (which was maybe easier because she lived miles away so he could avoid her regardless of whether he wanted to or not).


Fast forward a year and half later, Anna somehow got back in touch with Andrew (through facebook though he had deleted her) and they became friends!

Andrew was in a happier place, was more confident then ever, worked on himself, lost a little bit of weight, changed his haircut and grew an intellectual mustache. Anna was still a wild bird, but she had realized that all she had wanted all along was Andrew...as a friend as she claimed.


After half a year of long distance friendship, they decided to go on vacation together to travel as friends in Europe. Though they were together in the midst of hot Spanish nights, Andrew confirms that nothing sexual (okay maybe some making out) happened though the chemistry was still clearly there. He just decided to not make any moves, and Anna was too scared of rejection after the way she treated him.


Anyway, kinda lost touch with Andrew as in his final year he went abroad for an internship as did I but this last summer and that is about 1 and a half year after their trip to Spain, Anna and Andrew got married and are now travelling the world and look incredibly happy.


Just sayin' I used to tell Andrew this girl was a b*tch and to forget about her, but I guess he listened to his heart, forgave her, they grew and life brought them back together. I truly believe that if something is meant to be it will happen, but it is essential to grow as a person and sometimes be humble and accept the hardships life offers. They are opportunities to seize lessons and until we do actually understand them, they will keep coming back in different forms.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.


Best of luck, believe in yourselves you are all beautiful!



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Right on. If both individuals make enough changes to have a fulfilling relationship why not?


Forgiveness and benevolence goes a long way for yourself and others.


I know I've made tons of mistakes and people who accepted me in spite of knowing those mistakes really helped me become a much better person.

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this sounds like it would be a process of years to make this happen. it's a nice story and great to hear. But truly at that point it's best just move on. you cant count on a reconciliation years down the line, if you do and it doesnt work, that's some good years totally wasted.

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