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I don't know if this girl likes me we are both shy.....


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I apologize if this is long.


Hello, I would really appreciate help this may be long... Well i don't know how old you have to be on these forums but i wanted to ask for help i'm a 16 year old guy. I like this girl that is 15 (In the same grade 10'th in highschool). We are both shy i asked her over facebook a while ago if she liked me and she said that her dad is really strict about those things but we could still hang out and i said so does this mean that you like me or no? She said i just have to keep it as a friendship for the reasons i meant before, i said i understand.. I took this as her being nice rejecting me but i feel like she likes me.. I will give some examples of things that she does.


Like a few days ago i was walking down the hall alone and she saw me and she was at the other end of the hall. We locked eyes and we both smiled and she said hello joe.. but that isn't my name, she quickly was like " hello (joe john im sorry there are so many johns!" lol. and she stopped and turned back at me when she said this i then sarcastically said to her the next day, "thanks for calling me joe yesterday and she laughed and her friend kind of smiled at her. And she said im sorry john its because i was going to a class and the next one had a kid named joe in it. I know who the kid was and i know that she doesn't like him. So, she is on my bus and there wasn't really any seats and she sat next to me and she was like im sorry there isn't any seats and she seemed really nervous she crossed her legs and shes like i have stuby legs lol i guess you can say it was awkward. And the friend i usually sit with looked at me and she was like to me do you want him to sit here?? and she asked me this like 5 times in a nervous way. I said no it's ok She said okay, she always smiles at me. I always look kind of sad/mad when im not smiling and she messaged me on facebook asking if i was okay and said that i looked sad i said no lol i always look like that you know but im not mad or anything she said Okay! Good! ya people say that about me to haha. And i said thank you, no problem


Before christmas break i was looking out the window and then at her bustop she tapped me on the shoulder and i looked at her and she said merry christmas john and i said you too lol i really like her personality and she is a beautiful girl she sits near me at lunch, i see her everyday walking down the hallway and i don't know if its just me... or if we are BOTH staring.. but i always lock eyes with her for a few seconds then we both look away.. I'm sorry this is so long.. i just need some advice and if my examples mean anything, please point them out if you could there are a few more but it will be longer, lol. She also talks to me about random weird things, she usually never comes up to me. But she is shy so.. she also gets mad when people make fun of me and i was talking to another girl near her and i saw her like kindof glancing over with a blank face and then she just stared forward the whole time we were talking. Ok well, i would appreciate help this is my first post on these forums thanks![b/]

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