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how to get your mates stop bring your ex up.

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How to tell your mate's to stop bring your ex up?

We broke up and we said we be friends and we told our mates that and then things happen between my ex and I and we want nothing do with each other.


I have came to all events that I know my ex could be there but he never turn up. I have tried and get this BS from my mates.

I just don't want to go on this trip because my ex talks to me like and when I ignored him, he plays games. Also I don't want hang out with my ex and his new girlfriend.


My mate that bring it up, they are a couple and they bring him up in everything I just ignore it. But last night I took a stand and I told them stop it and respect my wishes and understand where I'm coming from. There answer you still have feelings for him, it's over Facebook.. what the.. I'm not going on trip with someone that doesn't respect me. You wouldn't so stop it and then they try change subject but no I stand up for my self.


Later on one keeps making jokes about it and it's annoying I don't shut my mates off and I get treated like I'm bad guy because I said no for one thing. He shuts everyone off and going on trip and gets treated like good guy... what the. .


my question for you guys is how to stop your mate's bring your ex up ? I don't mine they talk about him but not use him and i in sentence. Also to not sound like i still have feelings for him. I just want to move on

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Tell them to stop snitching to you about your ex.


If they don't, you get up and leave them where they sit. Every time they do this, you get up and leave them where they sit. If they're dependent upon you for a ride, they'll learn really fast to shut the eff up .


If you're going out with these friends, I suggest you drive or have a way to get home without them because they may be dull and try to do it again and you will need to get up and leave them where they sit.


I also would go as far as to say stop hanging out with anyone who cannot respect your request. They bring him up to see your reaction because it amuses them and the need something to laugh and talk about. The best way to shut down that little show is to not participate.


True, real friends would not put you through emotional duress. People who do not have your best interests at heart would.

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