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does he like me or is this a joke?


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(this fits under most of the subcategories under relationships, just a heads up & please forgive me, i didn't want it to be this long.)


so there's this guy who i met at my job. we didn't start speaking until Halloween night but before all that he kept sending me signals that he likes me but i didn't find out until later. Halloween night (this is so ghetto) he gave me his number on a brown paper towel. i thought it was cute at first but now that i look back at it, what was he thinking? when we started texting, it was just simple things but one night, he told me that he had liked me & always had since i started my new job. he told me that he had a crush on me which i thought he was joking and right away he told me he was not joking, he's serious. for a while he had texted me many sweet things such as when we're at work, he always smile and get chills because i'm so beautiful and sweet. the guy texted me how he wanted us to be together forever with a fairytale ending. at our job we had this meeting that was early in the morning so when i got there, there was a empty spot near him so i took it. when i sat down, he ignored me & looked like he didn't want me near him but throughout the whole meeting he kept putting his foot on my thigh. so i'm like whatever. once i got home, he texted me how he wanted to ask me a question but wasn't sure if i still like him which I did, and that he had a question to ask me. The question was if i was going to date him or not. i had this good feeling inside telling me this could work so i told him yes. ever since then he texted me i love you or i love you baby girl or really other sweet things just to get inside my pants. December 6th, he texted me in class "i seen what you put on instagram. that guy deserves you more than i do." then when i finally got the chance to text him back, he asked me if i wanted to break up and i explained in a long paragraph to him that i didn't and how the picture wasn't about our relationship at all. i told him that we needed to talk and he comes out saying "let me guess, you want to break up?" the guy just spilled out to me "idk if i can be there for you every time you need me, like i have a really busy schedule & idk if we can ever hangout, you deserve someone better. i don't really have the time for a girlfriend." some part of me died inside and the other was furious but who could be blamed? one past Monday night, when i got off of work it was after 9 and he came sit outside with me. That night was a night to remember. he was all over me, he brought me close to him and we kissed/made out. he told me that he loves me so much and how i'm his little angel. thinking to myself now, i remember how he said we rushed into things but i couldn't remind him, i just got caught up in the moment. forgot to mention this; he's a complete to me around people but the sweetest when it's just us alone.

Now it's January 9, and he got a new a new phone right before New Years I believe & has NOT given me his number at all. Recently at school, he had disrespected my sister and his friends as well and did not tell them any better. He had also pushed me away, point me out in a bad way like tell me to go & when i'm in the halls & he's like right there, he would speed up a little just to get away from me but would look back from the corner of his eye to see if i'm watching him BUT once I get to work, it's different. when i'm off doing something & its not busy he could and bother me like kick me in my butt when i'm squaring or pull my ponytail out my hair. what kind of crap is this? are guys really like this? so i'm not sure what to do. do i just give up on him or should i be the one to chase him when i know he won't do the same for me?

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