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Online Language Communities?


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I hope I`m not repeating the same question that has been asked before. If yes my apologies and moderators please kindly delete this thread... and let me know about previous one. Thank you very much.


I would like to ask if you know about any Online Language Communities, a place where I can chat and meet people from different countries and practice my languages. It should be easy to make contact and quick to chat place with people interested in onther laguages/cultures. So far I know about:


-Skype language community: It`s not very effective, It`s hard to make contact with anybody and admins prevent from sharing personal data. There is a Facebook Language Group but only with about 400 members.


- English Town - difficult to make contact with people. Did not work for me.


- Language For Exchange - resembles more an online dating site for teens to me...


- All others I found were rather low on people or not interesting at all.


So if you know about any other that work I would be very grateful.


Thank you.

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[link removed is a place you might try?


Oohhhhh! I was going to recommend that! I love that app and it's free! I wish it would go into other languages besides German, Italian, Spanish, and French.


Duolingo is very awesome and a must have app.

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