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Long Story in a messed up sitution


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Ok so i started dating girl i knowed for awhile for about 2 months after she broke up with her bf because he got her arrested

well are relationship didnt end well i ended up in the hospital for being sucidal and she tryed to od we where fighting like crazy and destorying each other eventaully we made up but she decided she was getting back with her ex but they where still on court order no contact at the time

well she decided she was gonna come and still see me and she slept over few times and we had sex once but she still wanted to get back with her ex well eventually we decided to get a place together and it it well for awhile we had sex a few times told each other we where still in love well then came no contact being dropped so she decided she was getting back with him they got back together everything calmed down for awhile and then we started to mess around again she cheated on him with me a few times and once he even gave her permission to which was so weird but it came back on her i geuss and then we stopped doin stuff again this time for good as of today well they just broke up the other day and me and her went out to drink and this was after fight me and her had so all night at the bar she was all over me telling me she loved me and there might be something still and that she cant have me not around her so i listened everything went well,other then carrying her drunk butt home lol and we end up making out in the bathroom but later that night she asked me to txt one her guy friends supposely and i seen a bunch of txt to this dude about how she loves him and is missing him and other bull so now i feel like just leaving and getting out this situtuion i feel like im being mind played

She denies that there something goin on with him and that i took the txt msgs wrong idk what to do anymore please help and thks for reading this long thread

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