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Doing better then it hits me. ( Venting )

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It's like I'm fine one day and the next couple of days but then the thought of you crosses my mind of all the ups and downs we've been through more downs than ups, it wasn't one of the best relationships but for heavens sake I love you. I was willing to make it work with you, even if you were an immature most of the time. I was with you through your best and worst times, from suicidal thoughts to crying of happiness cause you "loved" me. So much for that eh ? You don't leave a person you love and get with someone two weeks later. You don't leave and lead someone you love along. You were a complete waste of time and I want you out of my head and out of my heart but it's not that simple, I really wish it was... I hate feeling so dependent on someone, you of all people should know how crappy it feels. I had always been on my own doing my own thing but then you come along with your cute text messages and making me feel sorry for you and all you've been through cause I knew what the emptiness was like. Turns out you were just a douchebag getting what he wanted. So much for being first and last? So much for you naming our kid already. So much for you talking about what our life would be like when we were married. Seemed like a bunch of crap when it came out of your mouth but somewhere in between laughing and going along with it I believed it. You promised. So much for that. Thanks for screwing me over when my life was falling apart, I thought you were here to help me out of all the crap I was in and get it out and off of my mind but nah thanks for piling it on even more.

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