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Advice on how to proceed 4 weeks after first "date"


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Hey, everyone! I've got 4 questions for which I need advice:


1. Before winter break, a guy friend expressed interest in me after meeting me three times. In early December, we had met through friends the first time and then met for lunch at our work place the 2nd time; there, I decided to invite him to a holiday party as a friend, to which he agreed. At this holiday party, even though there were other attractive, single women, he'd come back and only talk to me. At the event, he warded off other guys who tried to talk to me; for example, while we were sitting next to each other at a bar, he placed his feet around the ledges of my stool when another guy came up to flirt with me. He tried to make (appropriate) physical contact every chance he could, and I let him, because I also have a crush on him. Without my knowing, he paid for my food, even though I hadn't considered this a "date". He proceeded with more small talk; he asked me how often I'd come by to the work place, and after he found out that we'd both be leaving for the holidays the next day, he suggested that we should meet up again at the same airport. Am I right to think that this guy is very interested in me?


2. Randomly, he mentioned that he was "scared of turning 30" and mentioned that he has been attending dozens of weddings in the past two years. What could this mean?


3. He also suggested we "make food together sometime". Since my immediate reaction to his bold suggestion was utter surprise, he quickly suggested that I treat him to lunch at our work place to pay him back instead. I agreed. Except for 1 text wishing each other happy holidays, we haven't contacted each other for the last 3 weeks due to the holiday season; I really don't think we're at that point to contact each other on a daily basis. Even though he hasn't contacted me since then, am I right to think that the ball is in my court now?


4. I don't yet want to "make food" with him, because I'm uncomfortable with jumping into anything physical so soon. So far, I like this guy, but I do have my boundaries. How should I communicate this to him?


Any suggestions would be great!

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1) is he interested? Yes, seems so.. dont you think so?

2) Sounds like he's working on settling down.. so is beginning to look for something 'serious'.

3) You want to meet up for lunch? Go ahead, contact him & see about that..

4) Yes, just explain your not into the making food idea right now...that you want to take it slowly.


If he's not interested, you'll begin to get the hints with his 'lack' of response/communication/willingness..give.

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