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Can't reach it anymore


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First of all, let me say I've never posted something like this on the internet before, and if there's something forbidden by the rules included here, please notify me so I can alter my text.


This is a brief history about me and my girlfriend, and the pleasure we feel while loving each other.


I'm a 18 (about to have 19) years old boy. My girlfriend is 21. I've started my sexual life a year and a month ago. She was my first girl (I don't count the one with I had my first kiss, because it was ridiculous and forced, and lasted a second literally). I had given up on all women and surrendered to being a guy who only used his hands. Then, I noticed an old (and older) friend of mine felt attracted to me as I got older. I never knew she would someday be my girlfriend. Well, I didn't care about anything anymore, so I just asked her "is it okay if we have sex casually? No attachments, I don't have a serious relationship, we can just be friends who do these kind of things". She was shocked. Well, she became really scared (as one would naturally be) and said no.


"Ok, bye, don't talk to me anymore, I have no more business with you."


Then she felt sorry about it and said: "Okay, we can kiss and touch each other, how's that sound?"


"It's fine by me, thank you."


Well, we did it on her room (all afraid to get caught by the people at the house). A week later, we had sex. I've lost my virginity. I just couldn't believe what I've did. It lasted only a minute on the dangerous part (you know, dangerous because it can create a family and destroy your life if you don't have your own money and house), it just felt so damn good. Well, we started to do it every week, and eventually became friends again, started to talk normally as we did in the past. At January 2nd, 2013, I asked her:


"Do... you... wa... nna... da... te.... me?"


She accepted.


A new life began. I would talk about all the benefits I had starting to date her, but I'll go straight to the point: I was terrible at having sex, and I eventually learned how to make her feel good. She tells me I know how to do my stuff and she never enjoyed a better sex life with her previous boys rather than with me.


Ok, that was awesome news to me. Still works nowadays. However, on the past weeks, I noticed something: I can't reach orgasm anymore.


I don't know what happens. There are positions in which she feels a lot good, but it's not that good to me. I pass A LOT of time on these positions. And when I finally get to have my preferred, I don't feel any pleasure anymore, it's almost as if I had to get excited once again and start it all over again. So I just keep doing it until she's satisfied and end up finishing outside her.


Is that a common problem? What are the causes of this?


PS: I don't use drugs and don't drink alcohol. I masturbate about 1~2 times a day, but when I'm gonna meet her, I do it only one time or none at all (12 hours before).


Thanks in advance!

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Disclaimer: I am a woman.


Premise: I have an ex who masturbated daily, sometimes more than once per day. And yet his was the best sex ever (as many women have since testified, that ^%&$%&). He could hold it FOREVER, and then recover and come a second time. That thing was a freak of nature.


Question: Can a man use masturbation to train himself to come/recover/come again? It is often said one should abstain, as has been said here, but I wonder if one might "train" the other way. I have a new fellow who asked me about this, and I feigned ignorance and suggested he google it. *)

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