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Day 4 thoughts :((((


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Why do I still hold hope ? , hope he'll miss me after 2 years of living together 2 years he helped me raise my son 2 years of sleeping next to him ! He wasn't a bad guy !! Which makes it harder I wish I could just hate him !! He always knew what to say he would be the one I talked to about everything I regret everyday the mistakes I made the hurt I put into the relationship , why didn't I try harder , why didn't I show him I loved him and now he says he doesn't love me anymore when a month ago he said he still does , he cut all contact and I still hope he'll miss what we shared the family we had ! day 4 no contact 3 months post break up I'm hurting why isn't he I know he's finally having peace and quite from me but did I really mean nothing that he can just stop loving am I that easy to forget ?

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It's totally normal for you to still have hope on day 4, or month 3 - I'm in Month 4 post BU and in the odd moment i have Walter Mitty style fanatasies of hollywood style reconcilliations years later!


It doesn't mean you meant nothing, NC will help you,as the stress an anxiety of contact will ebb out of your life.



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Yes, he still feels for you and yes, he still thinks of you. It is not easy to just 'stop' having those thoughts & feelings even 4 months down the road, after a LTR.


He's just pushed everything aside, for reasons, unknown?


For now, yes he's acting out 'cold' your way. But possible he'll ease off on that in time, just not now.


Meanwhile, its best for you to back off, work on accepting the break- YES, it will be hard. But out of respect, give him his requested space & peace now.


Relationships come to an end sadly and we have to 'learn' how to carry on again, without them.

Will take time.. months to work on accepting it all.


One day at a time..tc

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You're human and you love the man that has left you.


It's only natural to feel pain and anguish.. Let yourself hurt, cry if you want to, be sad and miss him and most importantly just let it all out.


I went through this pain a few years ago and just like you, I hurt terribly. I didn't know what to do with myself and even thought I couldn't go on..

I did though and I'm here now telling you that time and understanding will eventually heal you.

You are already making greT strides in that you've gone 4 days NC... Is that progress? Of course it is and you should be mighty proud.


Have you made mistakes and chased and begged? Yes of course you have.. You love the guy and were desperate.


Please understand my friend that what you're doing and going through is perfectly normal. I think you're doing great... Just aim to get the tiniest better each day and before long you will be past the worst... I promise.


Let him be and let him stew.. Go get on with your life, love your family and see where life takes you.


I wish you love and happiness.


Steve x

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