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Not sure what to do next


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The following events took place a couple of weeks ago:


Day 1) I met this girl I found really attractive in a party and we had nice conversation.

Day 2) Next morning she added me on Facebook and we chatted on and off for a week.

Day 7) She invited me to her birthday party. We both got drunk and it was pretty clear that she was interested in me.

Day 7+) We ended up in a room, but I failed to get a hard on.

Day 7++) We ended up again in her room after two hours. And guess what, I again failed to get a hard on.

Day 8) We chatted online all day and had funny exchanges. She had plans for the night, so we didn't meet. But we messaged each other till late hours that night.

Day 9) We chatted all day again. She invited me to her pre-christmas going away party. There were many other people so didn't get chance to talk to her a lot during the party. After the party, I messaged her if I can come over and she was like she has to pack and leave, so no.

Day 10) I don't know what was the reason, but she didn't respond much to my messages on day 10. She leaves for christmas and new years to her home country.

Since Day 10) In the last couple of weeks, we didn't exchange any messages except one New year wish.

Now) Today she is back in town


I am not sure how to go about doing this now. After two weeks of almost no communication, and her (surprising) kind of cold attitude on the last day makes me nervous. I am afraid asking her out for drinks (right after she is back) will be too awkward, and our friend circles are quite different to have a chance to bump into her accidentally. I would like to spend a night with her again

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