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I'm going to throw my promise ring off a cliff today.

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I wonder if I will regret it down the line. This is where he asked me to become his girlfriend almost 5 years ago. This is the last part of me hanging on-Hoping he will come back and ask to put that ring back on my finger, but screw him. I found out while he is msging me and giving me a Christmas present he has been hanging out with two new girls from his university. The girls who I highly suspect have had something to do with all of this. Now I look back he had been acting weird ever since he came back from a uni camp they were at with a lot of drinking and smoking of weed (we never did either and don't associate with anyone who does). He also is using his favourite photo of us sitting very close as his display photo- but cropped me out. And his friends commented laughing about it.


I need to move on from this lying, betraying, self-obsessed person.

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