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should i use "text your ex back"


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basically me and this girl were seeing each other alot and sleeping with each oother exclusivley for three months ... i had to move to university ( in the first month we still traveleed to see each other.... but then one time she said she couldnt carry on because of the distance and not seeing each other enough. i asked for another chance and she said "lets see how it goes" i became needy over the last 6 weeks and kept trying to meet her, but everytime got the "busy" excuse...


either she lost intrest (most likely) ... or she did not want to get back into the swing of things .


when i came back for christmas she never met me on a one on one, however did see eachother at social events and it was not too awkward or anything.


i also did receive a drunk text from her day before new years stating random letters. i asked what the hell lol. she replied with "please dont must of made sense last night" .... i know shes been going clubbing and kissing other people maybe even sleeping with them. ( its her life not too bothered as im out of the picture)


im back from uni in three months and thinking of sending a "good memory" text in about 2 months ... will this come accross as needy or will it help my chances to rekindle things when i am fully back.


p.s we live very close to each other when i am at uni ... we are still on good terms. like she would reply if i text her now but only as a friend. obviously i wont text her though haha!


also im going back for a social event in exactly one month and she will be there so im going too act very cool towards her ( no talking about the past, just gonna concentrate on having a good times with my mates)



im thinking of sending the text in about 2 months ... it will remind her of a time when we were just laughing and in our honeymooon phase.


is this a good idea? or should i leave it too chance and wait till i see her when im back fully.



also dont say we were just FB because it was more than that ( she begged me not to go uni, she told me she didnt only want me for sex, she told all her friends how happy she was with me, ) ( we are in the same social circle)


what i think messed i for me though was being too available...

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