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Does he still have feelings for me, or me for him?


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It's been a few years I'd say 4 that I have not spoken to this guy who I liked but there has been a lot of baggage knowing him what with going out to the city with one of my so called highschool bestie, and there's a lot of other stuff, but besides this i have tried to get over him yet again. It took me about a year or two to get over him and I did, but then he kept coming back in and out of my life, as in living distances not seeing him etc, and I feel as though I still can't get over him. Recently I had three dreams in a row just on him and. I saw him a couple of weeks back, all things aside my question is this:


Every time he saw me at work and came in to talk to my people with work related issues he would just ignore me, pretend I'm not there, as if I didn't even EXIST. It made me feel like , it stopped me from saying hi to him, I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my throat, the first time I saw him I still had butterflies in my stomach, and all that cheesy stuff. I didn't think much of it but then after he came to our house one day and I happened to have to open the door, knowing it was him I felt confused about my feelings like a part of me was nervous and worried about seeing him, the other part just a little confused on what I was expecting, the big thing that really struck me as strange was the way he greeted me when he opened the door, well for starters all he did was stare at me for a good five minutes and when I said someone will be with you in a minute he just blatantly nodded at me as if he couldn't speak, then again I was ting myself with nerves just speaking to him, what does this mean? Am I not over him? Him being in my dreams have been the worst, because the next day it was like it wouldn't get out of my head, is it true if you dream of someone it means you are thinking of them, as well as them to you? And what did the nod and silence mean? Boys confuse me, I'm not sure about my feelings anymore but should I just get over this? Or is it something I should take into consideration and work out? He seems really mute towards me, not like the him I knew when we first met. Should I just let us go, or try following something that could be my future? Please help as this as been bugging me for months, even years. I am 24 this year and I just don't know what. I can do unless I work this out. Thanks a lot, thankyou so much for answers it means so much to me, and if not, thanks for reading too. Ok will be waiting for answers, hopefully someone can help me out otherwise. I will just go with my gut, regardless if it is good or bad. Thankyou!

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You asked if it was true that if you dream of someone then they are dreaming of you? That is false.


The subconcious takes what weighs on our minds and occasionaly includes it in our dreams. That doesn't mean anything more than it was a dream.



Have you ever asked him out or let him know you had feelings for him? Is he the same age as you?


Did your "highschool bestie" knew you liked him?


If you don't like that he dated one of your friends, then you either come to gripes that means you will never date him or you accept that it happened and that you still want to pursue a relationship.


It is very hard to judge his actions as I do not know your history with him. Did you ever date or kiss?


Is he in a relationship? He is not your friend by the way you describe him so I would suggest you leave him alone. The best way to do that is avoid any contact with him and do not look him up on Facebook.

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