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Hi guys, 9 months ago I was lost. Literally lost. I am 18 and I was together with my ex gf for 3 years! When she broke up with me, I did not know what to do.. I was mad, depressed and sad. I am going to put all the cards on the table and tell you that I deserved it. I cheated, we were arguing alot, she was mad and I was mad and overall I made a wrong choice and cheated. Im not proud of my self and if I could go back and stopped myself from making that mistake I honestly would. (I'm sorry for my english, its not my mother language). So anyway I was really down. I read "getting back together does happen!" like a thousand times. It made me smile, and I wished for her to come back to me. But who would come back to lying cheater right? No one would. And honestly guys, I am happy now, and I'm over it. It has gone 9 months, almost 6 months of NC and things are just good. I don't want anyone to lose hope, if you are struggling and you wish for your partner to come back and if you were good to her/him good things can happen I met my ex gf on new years eve, and she cried. I tried to ignore it, but it kind of opened up the scar. She cried because of me, and she came up to me and told me "if you were honest and told me you cheated, I would forgive you and we still would be together by now". I shed a tear in that moment. And I looked inside myself and regretted every lie and the screaming, and the arguing. She is and will always be a great girl, and on top of that the girl of my dream. But my chance is gone, and I hope she finds a guy who can treat her so much better than I ever did! Anyhow, I want to thank everyone who has been posting the good and the bad news and helped me through the difficult days in the past. And tell you that I am over it, and really happy with my life. Come on guys, if a teenager can get over it, so can you you just have to enjoy your life and move on. Who knows? Maybe you will meet a person who fits you much more! Peace out! Much love

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