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Is my friend using me? Am I being played?


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So..please read this without judging me in any way. lol


I'm in high school, I'm 17, about to be 18, and I'm a bit different. I've never really had friends for many reasons and always been the guy that knows everyone and everyone knows him, but doesnt really have any friends. I've been pretty entrepreneurial since I was about 13 years old and am perceived to be wealthy. I'm not at all, but the big house (that my parents worked hard and earned) and w.e. seems to give people that notion. Nevertheless, people really do take advantage of me a lot i've noticed. Primarily because I was raised in a way that forces me to care a lot about people. I always go out of my way for people without ever asking for anything in return. I'm very loving and considerate, which isn't common among most guys. My weakness i think is that I get attached or "fall in love" with things too quickly. I guess maybe that's because I've always been alone. (I dealt with bullying issues in middle school. No worries it stopped lol)


Anyway about a year or two ago, I met this guy, who I'm like best friends with now. We have a million similarities and no homo we really do finish each other's sentences. Although we argue like every other day like an old married ing couple, we definitely have a lot of fun together. However a few things have always lingered in my mind. Before me, this guy was friends with this kid, we'll name "Stephen." Stephen and him were friends since about 7th grade and knew each other since elementary school. But my friend stopped liking stephen after sophomore year because he clamied he changed. He's competitive with him, he's pretty selfish and all this . Now my friends talks about bad about stephen to me like everyday since we first met. That he does this and that and that he's jealous and that he's cheap and treats him terribly even though my friend is kind and considerate to stephen. All this gossip that he talks to me about. Now keep in mind people we are twins. We are very good liars hence the interest in acting we both have aside from entrepreneurship. SO overtime i've noticed that throughout all this , my friend and stephen still hang out. They still go places together etc.... HOw can you hang out with someone and still refer to them as your friend, when you talk all this about them. Now sometimes i try to let it go cuz im just thinking to my self, "well were best friends, so he trusts me and its okay if we gossip about the rest of the world."


NOw I'm much more confident and intelligent than my friend. Not too sound arrogant but its the truth. I love him like a bro, but I'm much more mature than he is, and I'm always 2 steps ahead even though he doesnt think it. Here's where I wonder if I'm being used or if this isnt the right friend for me. I've done hw for my friend, we've cheated on tests together, i even pretty much did his entire college application process for him, and over time without me, he'd be far worse in a position than he is in now. My friend fails like every tests, does really nothing when he gets home. Isn't really productive overall. And he justifies it by saying, "oh, i want to be an actor, i dont need school." but he only he started this sudden interest in acting like a few months ago primarily because hes chasing the fame and celeb of the typcial hollywood celeb signing autographs etc...meanwhile hes done so casting or any effort to start his career...but thats besides the point. Anyway, we get into arguments all the time, because he claims i text him too much...and yet i think to myself, so you hate texting me, because you claim you hate texting, and yet the rest of the world texts you and you respond and get into full convos???? hmm..the other thing that i dont like (and yes maybe this is me just being jealous or w..e) but he started a youtube channel with stephen ...who he claims to dislike and not trust at all?????how does this make sense. Now heres where i know you people might judge me but i attempted to send a movie trailer link to my friend on fb. it didnt send so i went on his facebook to send it to himself so he could see it. (We have each others email passwords and all that stuff) And when i go on his fb, i see that he was tagged in a pic but no one else can seem to see it on his profile. I notice it has people that i know so i click on it. And its a pic of him and stephen and some other old friend of my friends at some place hanging out eating (fast food)....so im like wait a second. Yesterday i asked my friend who i think is my best friend and who claims we never lie to eachother, if he could hangout tmrw. And he said no i cant, i got kicked out of my house and went to my grandparents house and ill feel bad if i leave. And yet this pic shows it was taken 4 hours ago with stephen?

NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, this has happened many times in the past two years, where he lies and I catch him like usual. And then i dont say anything to avoid an argument.


I've realized however I've held my tongue with so much i guess because im afraid of losing my only friend and best friend. Were about to go to college and different schools. And we've talked (usually with me bringing it up) about us maintaining contact because 4 years will go by fast. But im afraid im going to be the one putting in all the effort and that hes maybe just like everyone else. Being friends with me because i might be rich or that im goign to stanford and might be successful or this or that.

I want to know if im wasting time with this friend and if I should say something or just let it be and let the school year end and just not give a . Will i meet better friend in college? I honestly no homo just want a bro whose gonna give a about me, really look out for me, and have a lot of similarities with me. LIke in every friendship ive ever had, i always care the most, or whatever just do the most. Please advise.

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