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Is it acceptable to date others while seeing someone?


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For the last time, talk to the woman you are sleeping with.


She may be fine with non exclusivity! She may not. But assume everything is okay because you don't talk to each other is just juvenile.


If you willing to get naked together, you should be able to have a conversation about expectations.

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I've known a guy less than two weeks and we've been dating and having sex. The thought crosses my mind if he's been seeing other girls as well. And to be frank, I really hope he's not. Since I'm in the girls position, I would like it if the guy talked with me about it, just casually ask if she's talking to anyone else or what she thinks you guys are. If she wants more and you don't then let her know so she can stop developing more feelings for you. If you do want to see what happens with her then don't peruse any other women.. That's how I would like it to go down.

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My personal rule; if i sleep with her, i keep her. Unless all she offers is sex.


But, if there is no talk about commitment, then its all fair. I think my biggest mistakes in life is making certain women my gfs because i slept with them, instead of continuing in the field and seeing what else was out there before i popped the exclusive talk.


Yes, this! I am struggling with this same thing.

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Hi all, Thank you and I appreciate all the advice

and opinions of everyone on here.


Some of the responses, are just, "wow's" me though

to be honest.


If i could be upfront, im kind of agree with

thorshammer. Due to all of my previous relationships,

just because sex was involve in the first date/

metting, i actually did not get a chance

to explore other option(s). Once i had slept with

all my ex's, we became official not long ago



In saying all that, I haven't slept with girl#2

. It was just a coffee date nothing else happened.

Not that i wanted to/my intention was to sleep

with her.


And i just found out that girl#2 is actually

working for the same company as i am. What freaks

me out as well, girl#2 is actually moving in to my

actual team SOON.!!! so i will be working along

side with her.


I cant and i dont want to date colleagues so

i might just have to let this one go.

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OP Its a good thing you and #2 played it straight.


I am trying out a new model wherein I take forever to get intimate physically, and even still am not NECESSARILY in a gf/bf relationship. It feels really awkward. But it is working, day by day.


My ironic joke to myself is OHHH this is why my parents counseled to wait until marriage for sex! Look how hard it is to keep shopping once we get busy! But I am trying.


Good luck to you with this experiment, as surely you will again be tested since #1 isn't gf material.

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