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I feel like my girlfriend is cheating.


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I would actually second this.


Despite what others may think, it's not always easy, the first time dealing with inappropriate attentions from someone with seniority or in a higher position, to know what to do. It's easy to say to put your foot down - but you don't know what's said, or implied at work through other's actions and tacit body language - that could make it VERY awkward to "just say no" bluntly. She apparently knows it's not quite right - hence the awkwardness with you - but may not know how to handle it, either.


I would approach it more from the inappropriateness of a manager using his position to try and influence an employee - and caution her on how she could be perceived to be encouraging him, instead of from the "outraged boyfriend" perspective. And bear in mind his attentions may have started as ones she could see as him trying to make his new employee comfortable - and snowballed.

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I would consider her texting another man so frequently crossing a line. They are behaving like they are dating. This is an emotional affair. All the signs are there and it is a cop out to say she may not know how to handle it. For one she could just avoid it-like "im busy-watching dvd with my man-catch you later".. its very easy to subtley brush someone off but she has no intention of getting rid of this guys attention

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