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Help, I've been dating a girl for 7 months, shes telling me she may become gay

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We have just entered our 7 month of dating, and we have been ya know having a good time, and everything is going great..

up UNTIL last night, when she told me that for the past 2 weeks she has been feeling as if she may be attracted to only women.


Her past MAY have something to do with it, she is a foster child, she was abused sexually by her father, and she told me she grew up with the girl she has fallen for, and has loved her since childhood, while her father abused her.

She was there with her, by her side, while the abuse was happening, UNTIL she moved away, to where she met me


also, note, Im 15, she is 16.


I am away in florida for a week, and this is happening,.. I will be home monday,


she told me she wants to see me on tuesday to figure out how she really feels about her sexuality. We both love eachother, dearly, so I don't know what's going to happen


i don't want to throw away the 7 months.

We have went through a lot, to stay together, and i dont want my heart broken


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Wow. I've been there, man, and yes it sucks.


But there's not much you can do about it, ESPECIALLY if she claims "she has been feeling as if she may be attracted to only women."


That means it's not just you, but ANY men, won't be her thing.


So talk with her, be understanding, but realize that you can't force her to stay with you. And the more you argue, the worse off you'll be. Let HER make her decision, and you'll need to accept it and move on.


Besides, you're young - you'll meet many more straight women in your future!

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Sweetheart, you are only 15. With lots of love, I will tell you that your heart will be broken a few times in life and its not fun. One thing to keep close at heart is that if you have to fight, beg, plead, convince and negotiate for someone to be with you....they're not your match. If she doesn't want to be with you there's nothing you can do about it. You can't make someone feel attraction towards you. It is a painful rejection when someone you care for doesn't want to be with you, and yet it happens to every single one of us...most of us more than once or twice.

I have no doubt that you will get through whatever feelings you have over the next several weeks/months. It'll all be okay. I promise!

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Yes, but she want's me to come over on tuesday and visit her to help her make her decision, if she still feels the connection, then she wants to be with me

I hope i can really make the importance of our love show, or something like that.

i really love her, and feel lost without her;.

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A lot of women i know turn gay from sexual abuse as children. They became bisexual mostly, but they lean more toward being gay. She is still young and is trying to figure herself out, being young is confusing enough, with her past and issues, she will probably keep rediscovering herself until shes settled.


All i can tell you is that 15 years old was 17 years ago for me, i have loved and lost for years. Right now you believe that you only live in the moment, so just enjoy the time you have with her, and dont be upset over her decision, you might not be able to relate to her way of thinking now.. or ever. At least she is honest with you, and keep in mind someone with shifting thoughts of sexuality might not be a healthy doorway for you to the dating-world.

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I believe, one does not 'become' gay/lesbian. It's there or it's not.

For her, right now, at her age yes, she could be feeling 'confused' about a lot. She may have feelings for you, as a male, being around her and if also for females- then bi.


As for her 'decision', I dont think you can 'help' her decide. It only based on how she feels.


Whatever he feelings are, you can always see to agree if you two can at least remain friends.. if possible. No real reason to push her aside with how she is sexually.


good luck

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