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Help? Should i trust him???


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Ok, so me and my friend have been friends for over a year. we were really good friends. although i had a crush on him, i dont know how he felt about me. But i assume he liked me because one day he saw me walkling with my friends and he saw me and smiled like he was really happy. But anyway. one day he asked me out.. I was really shy about it sorta espically cause (this was in september) we didnt really have a legit conversation in a while. I ended up saying yes. So about 6 days later (ad everything was perfect, absouloutely perfect) he told me like it wasnt real. he was just playing me and . So obviously, i was mad and deleted him. Then in october his sister (who i didnt delete for some reason) sent me a pic saying "he wanted me to showrecently I readded him on facebook, hoping we could be friends again or something.. And he accepted, and he told me he was sorry and that he knows that he shouldnt have done that. But he told me before, that i wasnt the only one. And while we were talking he said "being a friend or best friend is good enough for me" does that mean he was even thinking about considering to ask me out again or something?? And remember I didnt like him after everything happended BUT now, i'm starting to have feeling for him again. Its nothig big. and ive told my self a million times NOT to trust him.. But theres that part of me that wants to trust him.. and like i keep questioning about it. I feel like if i trust him, he will ask me out again and drop me again for the same reason. But at the same time I feel like if i do trust him and he asks me again, stuff will be just perfect.. Should I trust him or not?


I mean chances are, if he does ask ill say no, but who knows. cause if he waits for a while (like 2 months or so) I might say yes..


Oh, and ever since i added him back. Weve had conversations, and he makes me laugh a lot...



Again can i trust him?

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This is a hard one because you're obviously young and probably won't listen to the advice you get. If you were my daughter I would tell you that men only get one chance to treat you with dignity and respect. They might do something that hurts your feelings, yes, and certain issues and problems are things you need to learn to work out. But someone jerking you around for their entertainment?? Absolutely not okay!! I wish I could give you (and my daughter when the time comes) the right words and advice that would inspire your self respect enough to tell this guy to take a flying leap....but I know that it takes our own personal experiences to learn these lessons.

You will probably stick around regardless of the fact that this guy thought you were a joke, used you, humiliated you, etc. Why? Because you want to believe that he isn't who he already presented himself to be. But he is.

If and when you learn things the hard way, keep this quote in mind for next time around:

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

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