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it's just getting messy now, should I be blunt and cut contact?

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so, its been a year and a half since I broke up with my long term gf of 8 yrs


it was amicable-ish, and last time we kissed or had sex was well over a year ago...


I had a rough time moving on, I went on trips, made new friends etc...


during that time we stayed friends, I went on a trip that we were supposed to do together with another female friend of mine where we met a group, didnt go down well at all, this was just under a year broken up..


then I went with another female friend on another trip, just the two of us, as her and her bf had broken up and had no one to go with..


I have since started seeing this girl, we're not gf/bf, but it's getting there ...


however, all the while, my ex is smart and rude sending texts about how I don't care and how would I feel if I saw all the picture and posts between us on facebook, and how I'm lying to her that we are going out (we're not btw, still only just seeing her and seeing how things go)


I had noticed a pattern earlier in the breakup where these blowouts usually happened when someone she was chasing shot her down and I'd hear from her loads (I btw have bit my tongue about a lot of stuff I've heard back about her, she's not even in the country anymore and is in college elsewhere)


but I went away for new years with the girl im seeing and was presented with loads of smart and accusing texts of how I' hurting her, how she see's stuff all the time on facebook and how I've been inconsiderate of her feelings and not wanting to meet up with her over the Christmas while she's home (I work in utilities so with the storms lately I am inundated with overtime and she knows this)


all this stems from facebook, I stopped following her well over a year ago so I wouldnt be presented with continuous reminders of her, she says I'm inconsiderate to her feelings with what I post and the only things she posts and allows be posted is things to do with her girl friends (I actually couln't care, as I said I stopped following her over a year ago and have maybe been on her page 3 or 4 times throughout the year)


this is just turning into ridiculous messyness and I'm feeling like it's all my fault

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