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seeing if she will be attracted again


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basically i have known this girl since i was in primary school, we never really talked until i met her at a social gathering and she came on to me. things moved fast and we fell for each other... now we never went on dates, just ed at her house (not just ing i stayed many nights and she told me she really liked me).


problem is i was going to university, we promised not to have sex with each other people ... so i finally went to uni, i visited her over the course of 2 months on every weekend i could. then one time i went round she seemed cold and we didnt have sex. i became needy and sent a desperate love text . she never responded. i saw her a weekend after at a social gathering ... she seemed very nice and said she didnt want me to keep coming back expecting sex. i was cool. she said we will see how things go. following this she has become very cold towards me always saying she is busy to meet me.


so i left her for a while when i came back for christmas holidays i see her a couple times but nothing happened. i text her alot!! (i know bad move) she never met me in the end ..


now im back at uni for three months, im not going to contact her at all!!!


my question is after these three months will there be a chance that i can re ignite the fire we once had. one of her reasons that she didnt wanna go back to how we was, is that she couldnt deal with not being with me all the time for the reason that before i went uni we spent all the time together and things changed.


i know attraction died, due to needy behaviour and also too much distance. we have never argued so i am still on good terms with her... my question is after these three months go and im back at home will i have a chance with her???



im thinking of sending her a text of something that reminds me of her in about 2 months to also put good memories in her head.


sorry foor the english

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yeah i know ... she lives like right next too me though so hopefully if she is still single then things can happen. also im in her social circle.


tbh i would love just casual sex buddy thing and see where things can grow.


what do you think about sending a text in two months saying something reminded me of her?


and my hopes aint too high, its just what i want haha. im still going to be seeing girls here and trying to create attraction from a distance

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worst thing is i cannot get her out of my head or this fantasy out of my head and its interrupting with everything in my life. one minute i wont care then the next ill be panicking about all the mistakes i made and playing through different scenarios in my head.


she is clear through her actions ... but when i say just be honest with me and let me know if you dont wanna see me she wont give me straigt answer.


she is poison

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