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Dumpee telling dumper to stop contacting?

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hi, my sister usually uses this site (I'm on her account). We were going through similar things and she thinks I should add my story on here..


Anyway, my ex left me around the same time that my sisters relationship ended as well. I was glad I had her to cope with. We both went no contact. He then texted me after a few months. I made the mistake of getting too excited and replying back to every breadcrumb. He texted me for 4 consecutive days although it was just a short text each day.. Nothing special (apart from the first day when he opened up about missing me) I feel like I worked so hard on keeping my respect and I blew it! I wish I never responded until he said something meaningful like he wants to get back together. We haven't texted in a few days.


Anyway, I'm thinking of writing him a letter. It's basically an honest letter that states I was doing well, that it was pleasant to hear from him but that I couldn't do whatever it was that we were doing. I wrote that I agreed with his decision and it was a momentary mistake to open up like we were together. It's a very nice letter with no signs of wanting him back and just telling him not to contact me and that I wouldn't either.


Do you guys think this is okay? I feel like if I don't send this, he's going to think ill always be there when he feels like coming back and I don't want that. Can i go back to the respect i had before? I honestly feel like the moment I replied and was happy, he took advantage of that and got cocky. He openly flirted with me too.


Anyways, what do you think? Thanks!

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Don't send the letter. It won't make you look good and in hindsight you'll realize how bad of an idea that was. If you don't want to talk to him and don't want this confusion, then take control of your life and stop responding to him. Next time he texts, just tell him that you would appreciate it if he would stop contacting you and then stop responding to him. Do no engage in a debate with him about it or anything else. YOU get to decide what you what to do and if talking to him is not it, then don't do it. Walk away with your head held high. The letter is you begging him to behave - that's not respect.

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